2023 enterprise trends and how to adapt

2023 enterprise trends and how to adapt

Until very recently, organizations had two options for implementing technology to improve workplace productivity: build it or buy it. But the recent explosion of low- and no-code solutions has created more affordable and efficient ways to solve a host of workplace challenges. And today’s decision-makers are taking notice.

Trend no. 1: Deeper digital transformation

Gartner predicts that 69 percent of day-to-day managerial work will be entirely automated by 2024. Furthermore, by 2025, 60 percent of organizations are predicted to benefit from disruption using enterprise- and ecosystem-wide automation and low- or no-code platforms.

Digitization should permeate organizations, minimizing waste and maximizing security. To get ahead of this trend, think about how you can leverage Jotform Enterprise to automate administrative communications and bottlenecks across every department. You’ll quickly recoup the initial investment of time and setup in productivity gains and enhanced communication.

Digitize paper forms, applications, signed documents, and processes to reduce spending on paper, printers, maintenance and storage services, as well as time spent searching for paper files. From waivers and health records to application forms and permission slips, digital forms are easier to read, file, find, report on, and share.

Replace manual email-based communications and processes with automated workflows to reduce time spent on routine communications and escalate or restart communications when individuals are unavailable or aren’t responding by a deadline.

Jotform Enterprise user Ayyoub Ajmi's (Founder, CiviLaw
Jotform Enterprise user Melanie Dunlop's (Career Educator, Odyssey Charter Schools) testimonial saying “We’ve customized Jotform Tables with color coding and notes so everyone on the team can quickly and easily see the status of each student

Trend no. 2: Talent challenges 

The labor market is becoming increasingly complex. HR professionals are juggling myriad challenges, from quiet quitting and talent gaps to re-skilling and upskilling workers.

The no-code, drag-and-drop environment of Jotform Enterprise can help HR leaders address a number of these challenges by

  • Inviting collaboration and autonomy with secure, shared access to data
  • Empowering employees to automate mundane tasks, freeing up time for more rewarding projects
  • Leveraging Jotform Teams and mobile solutions to support remote and hybrid work
  • Encouraging employees to learn from their efforts and share successes with automated reporting
Jotform Enterprise user Wil Trohanis's (One to One Health) testimonial saying “It’s so refreshing to find an organization that helps us amplify our values and solve problems related to the care and well-being of populations when that support is desperately needed

When employees have the tools and information they need to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively, they are more likely to stay and recommend their employer to others. Read our white paper about the benefits of a connected culture and see how organizations leverage Jotform Enterprise to increase employee satisfaction, upskill workers, and save money.

Jotform Enterprise user Simon Morgan's (Three Rivers Park District) testimonial saying “Our ability to use Jotform Enterprise as a CRM tool has saved us thousands of dollars

Trend no. 3: Inflation, market turbulence, and supply chain disruptions

You can’t control what the Fed will do or how the market will perform, and there’s only so much you can do to buttress your organization against supply chain shortages. What you can do is reduce your tech budget in favor of more secure, scalable, and flexible solutions.

Security and stability are critical to preventing data breaches and downtime, creating a layer of protection for your balance sheets and fortifying customer trust. 

Removing outdated and cumbersome information silos with no-code, scalable solutions can align your workforce, support more cross-team communication, and enable more informed decisions. 

Fewer disparate systems will also streamline training and onboarding programs, meaning you’ll get more from your workforce, more quickly. Imagine an employee making a lateral move from one department to another and finding (tada!) the same collaboration and productivity tools in place. 

Having an organization-wide data management system can build trust and transparency, an increasingly important trait for organizations looking to attract and keep top talent. In fact, distrust has become the default for consumers, meaning the onus is on organizations and their leaders to prove themselves reliable, truthful, and principled partners. As first-party data becomes more common and necessary, finding ways to demonstrate trustworthiness will be key.  

Also make sure that you use technology to its full potential to automate and reduce costs wherever possible. For example, replace single-service e-signature solutions with Jotform Enterprise’s native solution, Jotform Sign. The potential savings is well worth clicking that toggle switch.

Jotform Enterprise user Renee Hol's (Webmaster, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) testimonial saying “We’ve reached out to our dedicated support team to ask about a number of customization options, and the response times are very fast

Conditional logic is an incredibly powerful and often underused tool that can automate processes, minimize human error, and lead to greater data quality. When combined with approval workflows, the time savings can be significant. 

Jotform Enterprise user Sergio Travieso's (Director of Digital Evolution, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria) testimonial saying “Jotform Enterprise has enabled a great increase in productivity, eliminating hundreds of papers and many hours of work

While many organizations are expanding their list of vendors to minimize supply chain disruptions, enhancing the visibility of your supply chain with mobile-friendly solutions is a great first step toward creating more agile and responsive systems. 

Leaning into solutions that enable reports from the field and access to information on the go are critical for managing these systems and relationships. Consider a custom-made Jotform Enterprise Mobile app with mobile forms to send and receive updates, authorize work order changes, and more.

Nonprofits, which often operate with tighter budgets, can leverage low- and no-code solutions in lieu of more expensive, complex SaaS models. While the industry has a collection of specialized software, many professionals are surprised to learn how tapping into the power of the Jotform Enterprise platform enables them to do a lot more with less, saving more money for mission-critical work.

Jotform Enterprise user Amy Lester's (Ventures Project Coordinator, Arbor Day Foundation) testimonial saying “The ease of setting up, duplicating, and translating our forms — including the legal translation of our waiver — was incredible

Trend no. 4: Consumer privacy and data security

The importance of protecting customer data isn’t new, but the laws and expectations continue to evolve. Several U.S. states have instituted and updated consumer privacy laws, and extensive changes to California’s data privacy laws will take effect in January 2023.

Governments and governmental agencies may face the biggest hurdle in terms of consumer privacy and data security because they have to manage a tremendous amount of sensitive data in order to both understand and serve their constituents. But with the right approach, security and service can go hand in hand, and even improve your customer experience.

Improving customer experience in government sentence

Similarly, healthcare organizations need to ensure their employees adhere to strict HIPAA regulations to protect patient privacy without sacrificing the need for communication that helps healthcare workers provide the best standards of care.

Educating employees about basic security practices (don’t share logins, keep software updated, and report suspicious communications) will help keep data secure. But what more can you do?

Jotform’s administrative features and privacy frameworks can go a long way toward protecting your organization’s data. For those needing to maximize their security protocol, Jotform now offers a SOC 2-compliant solution. Regardless of the strategies you use, you can rest assured that we take the security of your data very seriously and will continue to employ the highest security standards.

Whatever the new year brings you, we’ll be there to help you navigate challenges and achieve your goals. Keep us posted on your progress. Your stumbling blocks could inform new enhancements to meet next year’s challenges.

Got a success story you want to share? Let us know! Until then, here’s to a productive, healthy, and happy New Year!

Lainie is the Enterprise marketing manager and team lead at Jotform. With a career spanning 20+ years, she’s written for global management consulting firms, entrepreneurs, educational organizations, and nonprofits. A published author, her work has appeared in industry trades and educational guidebooks. Outside of work, Lainie enjoys live music, gardening, travel, volunteering, and the outdoors. You can reach Lainie through her contact form.

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