Council For Life Application Form

Council For Life Application Form

Dear Christi and Sheridan - Please see the form in the link I'm sending you. The form needs some work, but I wanted you both to see this. I still need to create a separate data form for you - but will get that done tomorrow/hopefully (we're using the data form in Dallas as a means of comparing PRCs to one another - and to learn what the big picture looks like). Please ALL feedback is helpful - there are areas where I still think this is a tad repetitive (i.e., a text box on grants anticipated and an attached form - maybe combine this in a form or just as an attachment - not sure both are needed. I Form Preview
  • October 2016

    Dear Beneficiary:

    Council for Life - Fort Worth welcomes your application for funding. All of the information you need to submit a completed application is included below.

    Should you have questions after reading through the information, please feel free to contact me at

    Council for Life is pleased to work with agencies in Fort Worth (Tarrant and Parker counties) and to help support their work in the community. We appreciate your work in creating a culture that affirms life.

    Thank you and may the Lord bless your efforts as you stand for Life!

     Christi Neill - Beneficiary Committee Chair