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Contacting possible sponsors for your event or organization? Share a link to a Jotform sponsorship form template to collect the information you need to get started. Whether you're creating a sponsorship application or request form, our fully customizable templates can meet your needs. Choose from this collection of sponsorship form templates or create your own from scratch. Add widgets, integrations, or themes to your sponsorship form to make it more engaging. Get started with one of our free online sponsorship form templates today!

Sponsor Application Form

A fully customizable Sponsor Application Form that allows gathering applicant personal and contact details with their job skills, experience, reference information and collecting their CV.

Sponsorship Application Forms

Event Sponsorship Form

If you are an individual or group of people that aims to raise fund for a good cause, this event sponsorship form will help you run the program successfully. You can use this event sponsorship template for sponsors to select or define the amount they want to give for the event. This event sponsorship form template will also allow contributors to choose how they are going to pay the amount they defined or selected. It is also important that you will get the details of the sponsors, so this sponsorship form template has a section where you can ask submitters to provide their details as the sponsor such as their name, address and their contact information.

Sponsorship Forms

Sponsorship Request Form

Need to gather some sponsorship requests in the fastest way? Well, a request for sponsorship form is what you are looking for. Get sponsorship requests quickly with this online sponsor request form to help your customers find sponsors easily. This sponsorship request form template includes simple questions for contact but also you can develop your form with more elaborative questions if it is needed. 

Sponsorship Forms


Sponsor sign up and payment form is a simple and fast way to accept payments from event sponsors.

Sponsorship Forms

Tax Client Intake Form 2022

A tax client intake form is a form used by tax accountants to collect information from potential clients.

Tax Forms

Golf Tournament Registration & Sponsor Form

A golf tournament registration form is a form that allows participants to register for a golf tournament, and sponsors to register as well.

Sports Forms

Leadership St. Pete 2017 Sponsorship Form

LSP 2017 Sponsorship Form for the Leadership St. Pete Class of 2017 Program

Sponsorship Forms

Corporate Sponsorship Application Form

Help an organization attain its goals and budget financially by using this Corporate Sponsorship Application Form. This form template contains all necessary questions for the organization when applying for a sponsorship.

Sponsorship Application Forms

Bronze Sponsorship Form

Easily collect sponsorships for animals by using this form.

Sponsorship Forms

Sponsor Information Form

Collect information about a person or student's sponsorship e.g. who is paying for tuition to attend to the event or activity.

Sponsorship Forms

Event Sponsorship Application Form

An events sponsor application form that collects the applicants' contact details and credit card information

Sponsorship Application Forms

Patronage Request Form

Sponsorship request form with sandy green layout. This full width mobile responsive form has been fully customized to display properly on mobile and on desktop.

Request Forms

Sponsorship Donation Form

A sponsorship donation form is used by businesses looking to track donations received from sponsors. Add your logo, archive your submissions, and change fields with Jotform's no coding features!

Donation Forms

Sponsor Exhibitor Participation Forms

A form that is used for exhibit purposes. Have your sponsor filled out this form for a successful conference or presentation event.

Sponsorship Forms

Sponsored Rider Application Form

A sponsored rider application form is a document that is used by sponsors to request potential riders to fill out. Start collecting details online with Jotform!

Sponsorship Application Forms

Internship Sponsor Application Form

An internship sponsors' application form that provides you with all necessary information to match each sponsor with an intern

Sponsorship Application Forms

Sponsorship Satisfaction Survey

Get your sponsors’ feedback, comments and requests easily online through any mobile device. Fully customizable with no coding required.

Satisfaction Surveys


Perfect form for rehab centers and professionals interested on helping others with a smoking addiction. The questions and answers within have the purpose of aiding people to quit smoking naturally and quickly.

Sponsorship Forms

Miss Mill Creek Community Sweetheart Cash Check

Use this form to record contestants' sponsorships collected by the contestant in form of cash or check.

Sponsorship Forms

What are sponsorship forms?

Sponsorship forms are documents that are used to collect financial or in-kind contributions to support a program, cause, charity, event, individual, or project in exchange for promotional benefits. These forms are a major part of fundraising efforts because they initiate a relationship with a potential sponsor. They can also represent a formal commitment on the part of the sponsor.

Sponsorship forms can be distributed through fundraising platforms, email campaigns, websites, and social media, and they can be integrated with payment processing systems to collect contributions directly from the form. Whether you’re running a campaign, an event, or a charity, sponsorship forms are a key part of securing financial support.

What are the main benefits of sponsorship forms?

There are many benefits to using sponsorship forms. They help to streamline the fundraising process by collecting essential information from potential sponsors in a structured and organized way. They also make it easy for sponsors and donors to contribute using secure online payment methods, and they promote transparency by clearly outlining the details of the sponsorship.

Online sponsorship forms can be customized for any purpose, and they allow companies to move away from manual data collection. Lastly, sponsorship forms help organizations manage their budgets and increase sponsor engagement through personalized communication.

What are some common uses of sponsorship forms?

The most common use cases of sponsorship forms are to collect contributions and sponsor data in one place. They can also be used for sponsorship applications, partnership agreements, and financial record-keeping purposes. For events, sponsorship forms may also include event registration options.

When are sponsor forms needed?

Sponsor forms are needed any time organizations have to collect information from potential sponsors — whether it’s for an event or program, a business expansion, or a campaign for an individual.

What are the different subtypes of sponsorship forms?

Sponsorship forms can be used for a wide variety of industries — including sports, politics, business, nonprofits, and more. They can be used to acquire sponsorships for events, partnerships, programs, and charity campaigns.

How do I create a sponsorship form?

Creating a sponsorship form is a breeze with Jotform’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. Just head over to the Jotform Form Builder, where you can add or rearrange form fields, drop in your logos, edit text, change fonts and colors, and so much more. Plus, you can use our form widgets to add extra functionality to your forms, or integrate with 100-plus popular third-party apps to manage or store your sponsor data. Once you’re finished, share your form via email, link, or QR code, or by embedding it in your website. The watch submissions for sponsorships roll in!

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