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Payment Forms

Collecting payment online is incredibly simple using a JotForm payment form. Whether you're looking to collect customer information, order type and quantity; our forms can be customized to fit your needs. No matter the size or type of business you have.

With a variety of payment form options, including invoice forms, order forms or purchase forms. Get started by either selecting a payment form template below or start your own form, then choose which payment gateway you'd like to use such as PayPal and Square.

Try one of our free online payment form templates today!

PayPal Pro Payment Form

Payment Order Forms

Get online payments easily with this PayPal Pro payment form and give your customers the choice of payment cards.

PayPal Payment Form

Payment Order Forms

This is an online PayPal payment form to sell your products securely on any place you want. This responsive payment form allows creating products and gathering name, email and address. This PayPal payment form template provides to sell your products securely. You can customize this PayPal payment page template by adding new products or questions that you want to ask.

Responsive Product Order Form

Product Order Forms

Looking for a responsive order form? An order form template is sought after by many, specially one with a responsive design. This order form built with JotForm Cards will be a perfect fit if you need a mix of both worlds. This form uses the PayPal payment field to process the orders and will also collect your customer's contact details, billing and shipping address, and the products they're ordering.

College Admission Form

Education Forms

This is an admissions form sample for educational institutions, such as private schools or universities. Admissions form templates come in handy for busy teams that need to gather, sort, and track admissions. When you use this admissions form template, you can ask for student details and simultaneously collect application payments. This admissions form will help you collect valuable information as well as save time.

PayPal Purchase Order Form

Payment Order Forms

Sell your products using this online form and get payments via PayPal. Basic and easy to use.

Product Purchase Order Form

Purchase Order Forms

Receive purchases with this online order form and make money around the web.

Authorize Payment Form

Business Forms

Use payment forms to receive online payments for any of your products.

Online Taxi Booking Form

Transportation Request Forms

Do you want to provide online taxi booking service to your customers? This simple and easy to use taxi booking form template allows collecting address, telephone number and taxi fare prices information and provides online taxi booking service. This free template for online cab booking is useful for frequent travelers.

Multiple Products Order Form

Product Order Forms

Form is used to order multiple JotForm products. Useful for management gift givers and more...

Stripe Example: Cookie Order Form

Bakery Order Forms

Sample stripe payment form for one time payments

Cookie Order Form

Cookie Order Forms

Get cookie orders easily with an integrated payment portal which will make your orders be more efficient. This cookie order form template allows your customer to select products. Also, this custom cookie order form template allows gathering cookie lover name, email, shipping address from your customers.

Product Pre-Order Form

Preorder Forms

If you are running a shop or selling items online, with this simple pre order form template, you can let your customers pre order the items you sell in a very easy way. Also on this preorder form, customers can choose the shipping method of their choice along with their desired payment option. You can customize this pre order template according to your business and the items that you sell.

Simple Product Purchase Form

Business Forms

Are you looking for a purchasing form template for your business? If so you can use this product purchase form in order to collect simple product purchases easily. Just customize this online purchase form template according to your products and the information you would like to collect and start to gather purchases swiftly.

Payment Details Form

Payment Order Forms

Shopping online? With this payment details form, it will be easier than ever! This payment details format will allow you to have the name, shipping address, mobile number, Facebook URL of the customer and also the mode and date of the payment. Scheduling the payments with this payment details form will be most efficient. Online purchasers will use this payment details form template with ease!

Single Product w/ Single Choice Orders

Product Order Forms

An order form for single product and single choice orders.

Customer Bill Pay

Reservation Forms

Simple and easy to use Customer Online Bill Pay with 3% processing fee. Allows you to insert invoice number.

Braintree - One-Time Payment Template

Payment Forms

One-Time Payment Template that uses Braintree Payment field. This is a sample template that is integrated with Braintree payment gateway.

Photography Session Invoice

Payment Forms

A very useful form that can be used to send electronic or printed invoices to your customers.

2Checkout Payment Form

Business Forms

Get online payments with 2Checkout payment form. Ideal if you're using 2Checkout to receive payments.

Bakery Facebook Order Form

Bakery Order Forms

Order form for cakes, bakery, and other related products and paid via Paypal.

Shipping Order - Payment Form

Payment Order Forms

Here is a useful shipping order form template that can be used to process a shipping order. Your customer can choose when and where the product will be delivered and also select different types of payment methods. Feel free to customize this shipping form template according to your business. Start shipping your items to your customers by using this shipping order template today!

Single Product Multiple Choice Orders

Product Order Forms

An order form template for a single product but multiple choice orders.

Multiple Choice Recurring Subscriptions

Business Forms

An order form for multiple choice recurring subscriptions.

Offline Payment Request Form

Payment Order Forms

Allow your employee to request for offline payment either by cash or check through this payment request form template. This payment request template will just ask your employee their order number or salary reference number for you to release the payment. You can also get your employee paid by phone by asking them to choose such option and provide the details during the conversation with this request for payment form template. This request for payment template would also allow HRs to review the payment order and follow up to the employee for missing documents before releasing the money.

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