Overnight Guest Form

Overnight Guest Form

This form can be used on various groups or events like schools offering overnight stay of the visitors, places that allows overnight stay and events that accommodates guests. This form asks personal information of the guest, contact information and their location. This also includes signatures to be signed by the guests. Form Preview
  • Marymount Manhattan
    55th Street Overnight Guest Form

    Office of Residence Life

    Guest forms must be completed prior to 11:00 pm the night of the guest's arrival. After submitting a guest form, you should receive a confirmation e-mail that the request has been submitted. A member of the Residence Life staff will contact you if your request is not approved. Forms received after 11pm on the date of the guest's arrival will not be approved under any circumstance.

    • Your Information  
    • Guest Information  
    • All guests must leave valid photo identification with security.

    •  -  - Pick a Date
    •  -  - Pick a Date
    •  -  - Pick a Date
    • Roommate Information  
    • Roommate Approval  
    • Residents seeking overnight guests must obtain the signature of each direct roommate in the space. 

      By signing below, roommates acknowledge that they approve all information listed above.  A copy of the final guest form will be sent to all residents of the room via email. 

    • Guest Policy Acknowledgment  
      • Incomplete or forged forms will result in a suspension of guest privileges for a minimum of one month.
      • No one under the age of 18 is permitted as an overnight guest.  For sibling guests aged 17 or 18, a Sibling Guest Request Form may be submitted at least seven days in advance to the Office of Residence Life. Misrepresenting a guest’s age or relationship on the guest request form will result in loss of guest privileges for the remainder of the year.
      • Residents may have a single overnight guest for no more than six nights per calendar month, whether the same guest or different guests each night. Residents hosting two guests for one night use two of their allotted six nights (2 guests for 3 nights = 6 nights).
      • A resident may have an overnight guest for no more than six consecutive nights, even if the calendar month changes during the stay.
      • Residents must keep track of the number of nights they have remaining. Guests forms submitted and processed through the security submission box which exceed the number of allotted nights per month will result in suspension of guest privileges for a minimum of one month.
      • A non-resident may not be an overnight guest in the residence halls for more than six nights per calendar month, whether with the same host or with different hosts each night. Guests may only stay in the building no more than six consecutive nights at any time.
      • No apartment may have more than three overnight guests on any given night; a resident may only have two overnight guests at a time.
      • Guests involved in policy violations will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will be denied overnight visitation.
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