Call Center Form

Call Center Form

This call center form is a call script guide for agents that shows direction and the best proper approach when handling clients. Use this call center script template for the call center agent to fill while having phone calls from clients or after, so instead of the clients who are filling out this call center form template, the agent fills it for them based on the client's information. You can edit this call center template when you clone it. Form Preview
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  • Call Center: "This is _______ with Show Me My Options, are you calling us today to schedule your homeowner assistance consultation?"

    If Seller Says: "No" or "Not Sure" ......Then Call Center says: "Ok, Can we please take down your Name, Email, and Phone No. and call you back at a time more convienient for you?

    If Seller Says: "Yes"..........Then Call Center says: "Ok, great! Do you have time to Answer a few questions so our homeowner assistance reps can find out how to help you better?

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  • Call Center: Thank you for that. Now we are going to setup a call time for your consultation, Ruth Ann and Jodie are able to take calls between 1 and 7pm. What Day & time between 1 and 7 works best for you?

  • Call Center: "Alright and there are a few documents you will need to gather in order for us to best understand the options available to you, would you like to receive this by email?"

    IF NO TO EMAIL: Call Center: "Okay, well can you take down information while we are on the phone? (list all household expenses, current monthly pay before taxes for all borrowers, and try and locate your most recent mortgage statement)"

  • Call Center: "Okay (homeowner 1st name), that is all we need for now. Please look out for an email from your representative later today welcoming you to our program and setting up a final time to speak. If you have any other questions your representative will be able to help you. Thanks and have a blessed (day/night)"

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