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A client evaluation form gathers valuable feedback from clients that helps businesses understand what went well and what to improve. No matter what industry you’re in, you can easily collect client feedback with Jotform’s free Client Evaluation Forms. These readymade templates are fully-customizable, so you can select the one that best suits your needs and modify it in just a few clicks. Clients can fill out your form from any device, and all submitted responses will be stored in your secure Jotform account — ready to be viewed, organized, shared, and even turned into a visual report .

Customize any of Jotform’s Client Evaluation Forms to match your business without any coding. Our drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to add form fields, rating scales, input tables, widgets, logos, and more. You can even set up conditions, emails, and integrations with 100+ platforms to help streamline your workflow. When you’re done, you can assign your form to clients or send it to them via link or email invite. Get the feedback you need to improve your business and client relationships with one of Jotform’s Client Evaluation Forms.

Performance Review Customer Evaluation

A customer evaluation of employee form is a form in which a customer evaluates his experience with a representative of an organization. No coding!

Client Evaluation Forms

Thrivers Society Digital Consultation Template

A Beauty Digital Consultation form is used by salon owners to collect feedback from clients.

Client Evaluation Forms

Business Client Assessment Form

Business Client Assessment Form is used by companies that provide professional assistance. Potential clients can enter their detailed business information to this online client assessment form.

Client Evaluation Forms

New Client Request Form

A new client request form is a business form that captures information about new clients that are requesting services from your company. No coding!

Request Forms

Accounting Client Intake Form

An accounting client intake form is a questionnaire used by accountants or bookkeepers to collect information about a client's business.

Business Forms

Biopsychosocial Assessment Form

A Biopsychosocial Assessment Form is used by doctors and nurses to collect information from patients and family members about mood, drug and alcohol use, and stress.

Healthcare Forms

Client Post Massage Assessment Form

A client post-massage assessment form is a questionnaire that patients fill out after receiving a massage treatment.

Client Evaluation Forms

Personal Injury Intake Form

A personal injury intake form is used by a law firm to take a client's information and gather facts regarding a potential case.

Insurance Forms

Breathwork Client Consultation Form

A breathwork client consultation form is a client intake form used by a clinical practitioner to collect basic information from a client. No coding!

Client Evaluation Forms

Business Information Intake Form

A business information intake form is an online survey designed to collect information from potential clients with the purpose of improving their business.

Business Forms

Client Suitability Form

A client suitability form is a questionnaire used by insurance companies to evaluate the suitability of a client.

Client Evaluation Forms

New Corporate Client Form

A new corporate client form is used by business development teams to collect information about a new business that has expressed interest in a company or service.

Client Evaluation Forms

Estate Planning Client Questionnaire

An estate planning client questionnaire is a form used by estate planners to gather information about their clients’ estates.

Real Estate Forms

Program Quality Survey

A program quality survey is a set of questions used to evaluate the quality of service offered by a public program or private institution.

Survey Templates

Water Safety Survey

A water safety survey is an online questionnaire that is used by lifeguards, teachers, and other professionals to assess the safety knowledge of a participant or a group of participants.

Evaluation Forms