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Building Inspection Checklist

A building inspection checklist is a list of items that should be inspected while doing an inspection of a building. It is customizable with easy-to-use and drag-and-drop features of Jotform. No coding!

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Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist

A workplace safety inspection checklist is a document that is used to perform an assessment to find out the level of safety existing in a place of work.

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Environmental Inspection Checklist

An environmental inspection checklist is a survey to assess the environmental and safety standards of a building or a facility.

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Welding Inspection Form

A welding inspection form is a document that is used by welding inspection personnel to monitor the quality of welds throughout a production process.

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Daily Construction Report

A daily construction report form is a document used by those in the construction business to record the progress of a project. Create your own daily construction report with Jotform!

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Water Leak Inspection Checklist

A water leak inspection checklist is a document that helps to perform an accurate review of a building’s plumbing system in order to detect and assess water leaks.

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Building Maintenance Checklist Form

A building maintenance checklist form is used in the real estate industry to check the conditions of a building. Customize this template without coding!

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Lighting Audit Form

A lighting audit form is used to record lighting equipment and its characteristics in terms of location, power requirements, and quality. collect and organize lighting data!


Building Survey

A building survey is a yardstick used to measure and document the condition and value of a real estate property. No coding!

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Locomotive Inspection Checklist

A locomotive inspection checklist is a document that is used to confirm whether a locomotive has been inspected by an authorized official. Easy-to-use. No coding.

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Amusement Park Inspection Checklist

An amusement park inspection checklist is pre-visit documentation that an amusement park's compliance officer uses to identify any potential compliance gaps for a ride, and to calculate the level of risk for the ride. No coding.

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Hydrant Flow Test Form

A hydrant flow test form is used to check the flow rate of a hydrant to see if it’s functioning properly.

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Asphalt Shingles Inspection Form

An asphalt shingles inspection form is used by roofers to track shingles during the installation of a roof.

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Care Facility Evaluation Form

A care facility evaluation form is used by residents or inspectors to evaluate the quality of an assisted living residence or nursing facility. Make the most of your care facility by gathering the feedback you need with Jotform.

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Chimney Verification Form

A chimney verification form is used by chimney and fireplace repair technicians to confirm that a home has a safe and efficient chimney system.

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About Building Inspector Forms

Streamline your inspection process with these free Building Inspector Forms from Jotform. Log building inspection and maintenance checklists, surveys, and audit forms from any device. Get started right away by choosing one of our readymade templates below — and customize it to meet your business’ needs by adding form elements, editing text fields and checklist items, installing helpful widgets and integrations, uploading your unique branding, and much more. Share your form with other inspectors by sending email invites or embedding it in an internal website. Create online reports and store them in a secure location with our fully-customizable Building Inspector Forms.