Fire Alarm System Report Form

Fire Alarm System Report Form

Does your company offer fire alarm devices and systems? If you are offering security services which include fire alarm devices, you can use this fire alarm system report form template to monitor, inspect, test and evaluate all the fire alarm system devices you have. If you gather the information of the system by using this form, you can also easily export it to your fire alarm inspection form on excel. Start inspecting your fire alarm devices by using this form today. Form Preview
  • Fire Alarm System - Annual/Quarterly Inspection and Testing Form

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  • Service Company: Hawkeye Electric

    1710 Hawkeye Drive, Hiawatha, IA 52233 | 319-743-9891
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  •   Quantity Circuit Style
    Manual Fire Alarm Boxes
    Photo Detectors
    Ion Detectors
    Duct Detectors
    Heat Detectors
    Waterflow Switches
    Supervisory Switches
    Other (Specify)
  •   Quantity Circuit Style
    Other (Specify)
  •   Quantity Circuit Style
    Building Temp.
    Site Water Temp.
    Site Water Level
    Fire Pump Power
    Fire Pump Running
    Fire Pump Auto Position
    Fire Pump or Pump Controller Trouble
    Generator in Auto Position
    Generator or Controller Trouble
    Switch Transfer
    Generator Engine Running
    Other (Specify)
  •   Quantity Style(s)
    Quantity and style of signaling line circuits connected to system (see NFPA 72, Table 6.6.1)
  •   Nominal Voltage Amps
    Primary (main):
  •   Type Amps
    Overcurrent Protection
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  •   Storage Battery Amp-Hr Rating
    Secondary (standby)
  •   24 60
    Calculated capacity to operate system, in hours

  •   Yes No Who Time
    Monitoring Entity
    Building Occupants
    Building Management
    Other (Specify)
    AHJ Notified of any Impairments
  •   Visual Functional Comments
    Control Unit
    Interface Equipment
    Primary Power Supply
    Trouble Signals
    Disconnect Switches
    Ground-Fault Monitoring
    Battery Condition
    Load Voltage
    Discharge Test
    Charger Test
    Specific Gravity
    Transient Suppressors
    Remote Annunciators
    Notification Appliances
    Voice Clarity
  •   Location and S/N Device Type Visual Check Functional Test Factory Setting Measured Setting Pass Fail
  •   Visual Functional Comments
    Phone Set
    Phone Jacks
    Off-hook Indicator
    Amplifier (s)
    Tone Generator (s)
    Call-In Signal
    System Performance
  •   Specify Type Visual Device Operation Simulated Operation
  •   Yes No Time Comments/Who
    Alarm Signal
    Alarm Restoration
    Trouble Signal
    Supervisory Signal
    Supervisory Restoration
    Building Management
    Monitoring Agency
    Building Occupants
  •   Date Time
  • This testing was performed in accordance with applicable NFPA standards.

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