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Advertising departments and agencies need to collect a wide variety of data, both internally and to expedite communications from clients. Browse advertising form templates that can help you more efficiently collect new client inquiries, project requirements, uploaded files, payments, signed contracts, and more! Streamline the communication flow across client teams, account teams, creative teams and more. Increase productivity and save time with Jotform’s fully customizable advertising form templates.

Opt In Form

Looking for free opt-in form templates to grow your email list and step up your email marketing game? Use this free opt-in form to capture email leads and convert your web visitors into subscribers. This free opt-in form can be integrated to any email marketing apps like MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse and many others in the integration section on the form builder. This is a short form and well designed opt-in template customised in the form designer. Start building your email lists and send email campaigns automatically through opt-in templates!

Contact Forms

EMail Opt In Form

A simple eMail Opt-In Form allows keeping connected with your existing/potential users through newsletters, updates or any kind of perks. You can tailor the form towards your own organizational needs and styles.

Lead Generation Forms

Web Banner Creation Request Form

A web banner creation request form is a tool used to ask a web designer or a web development team to create a banner for a website.

Advertising Forms

Newsletter Subscription Form

A simple Newsletter Subscription Form which collects customer contact information with their desired subscription type and payment preference as either PayPal or Check / Postal.

Subscription Forms

Image Advertisement Form

An image advertisement form to make it easier to get image ad requests online quickly.

Marketing Forms

Souvenir Booklet Advertising Form

An advertising form that shows off Souvenirs which will allow your customers to promote their businesses through simply entering their contact details, choose their souvenir ad size and make their payments online.

Purchase Order Forms

Business Promotion Form

This is a business promotion form for shopping malls or department stores. Promote your business and store. Find out what the customers want to buy from your business store. This promotion form template contains name, email, phone number, address. You can learn to how your customers got to know you or what do they wish to shop today by using this promotional form.

Survey Templates

Magazine Model Release Form

A magazine model release form is used by photogs to secure permission from models featured in magazines, newspapers, and billboard advertisements. Use this free Magazine Model Release Form sample to quickly gather model information and get signed release forms before sending photos to your clients.Easily personalize this sample Magazine Model Release Form to match your style — and use our free Form Builder if you need help! Add your logo, change background images, or update font colors for a professional, polished design. You can even email the signed release forms to your clients or store them in your other accounts, easily.

Advertising Forms

Share A Testimonial Form

Get testimonials from around the World with this share a testimonial form and publish them if your users accept your publishing terms.

Marketing Forms

Customized Basic Advertising Form

Get to know your customers ad details and their preference using this form. This is ideal for advertising agency.

Advertising Forms

Advertiser Purchase Form

A purchase form for advertisements. Get requests for banner ads for your web site.

Marketing Forms

Social Media Content Request Form

A social media content request form is used by businesses to collect information about content they need from their social media managers or marketing team.

Request Forms


A vetting form is used by businesses, organizations, and government agencies to verify personal information about an individual.

Advertising Forms

Advertising Form

This form can be used for basic advertising and marketing.

Advertising Forms

Estimate Advertising Budget Form

Users get to enter their specific wants and details about what type of ads they want. You get to return their request with estimating the advertising budget.

Advertising Forms

Email Design Questionnaire

An email design questionnaire that allows capturing customer expectations and requests with their personal and business details, email content with all visual and informative material, and design preferences.

Work Request Forms

Fundraiser For Elementary School PTA

Use this form to create a digital fundraiser for your school, club, organization, non profit, ministry and more- Share via text, email and social media, eliminating the need for paper.

Fundraising Order Forms

Advertising Survey Form

Find out what your potential or existing advertisers are thinking about. How they are advertising currently.

Marketing Surveys

Ad Spot Booking Form

An ad spot booking form is used by businesses or organizations that have ad space that needs to be filled.

Advertising Forms

Facebook Likes And Twitter Followers

If you run an SEO or SMM business and want your clients to buy Facebook likes and Twitter Follower, this is ideal for you!

Advertising Forms

Mary Kay Beauty Profile By Julie Potts

Information to help your Consultant personalize your experience!! updated

Customer Service Forms

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