Human Resources (HR) Surveys

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Get to know your employees with a free online survey. Collect responses from any device. Customize in minutes with no coding. Sync responses to 100+ popular apps.

Employee Surveys

Employee Motivation Survey

Conduct motivation self-assessments on any device with an online Employee Motivation Survey. Free to customize and share. Analyze results to improve your business.

Employee Surveys

Remote Work Survey

Analyze your current work from home policy with a free online Remote Work Survey. Ideal for coronavirus-related remote workplaces. Sync responses to 100+ apps.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Employee Favorites Questionnaire

An employee favorites questionnaire is a tool used by trainers to find out which popular items an employee likes, dislikes, and whether they’d recommend them to anyone else.

Human Resources Surveys

Self Assessment Survey

Assessing and measuring one's self is beneficial for both the institution and the individual. Use this Self Assessment Survey to collect necessary data that will help both the institution and the individual.

Employee Surveys

Job Satisfaction Survey

Determine how satisfied your employees are ~ a key factor in employee retention.

Human Resources Surveys

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey meets your needs! By using this Employee Engagement Survey, you can learn how satisfied your employees are at your company in order to improve your working conditions.

Employee Surveys

Exit Interview Questionnaire Form

Customize our free survey for your HR department’s exit interviews. Get feedback from outgoing employees online and learn how to improve your company.

Exit Interview Templates

Self Assessment Tool Form

There are many reasons why someone needs assessment. One is that it can help them make career decisions with a strong awareness of who they are and what they want. This self assessment tool template is designed for that purpose whereby the person involved in a company or organization will be asked to answer a series of questions and provide an information that focuses on their personal characteristics. In this self assessment templates, you can ask the assessment takers to rate their self on things that are also focused on self-decision making and select topics that describe them best. This personal assessment tools are created to help each individual taking the assessment to become a better version of their self, help them grow their skills, abilities, and put values on things around them.

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Employment Engagement Survey

Employee engagement survey allows you to ask your employees their overall happiness, satisfaction level, and perception.

Employee Surveys

Phased Return To Work Form

Help employees on long-term leave readjust to work. Schedule their gradual return with an efficient, professional online form customized for your HR department.

Return to Work Forms

HR Investigation Form

An HR Investigation Form is used by Human Resources departments to collect data from employees involved in an event that could be considered discriminatory or illegal. No coding!

Human Resources Forms

Remote Work Readiness Assessment

Determine whether employees are capable of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Easy to customize. Sync with 80+ apps. No coding required.

Human Resources Surveys

Employee Of The Month Nomination Form Gravitec

An employee of the month nomination form is used by companies to nominate their workers for this award.

Human Resources Surveys

Exit Interview Checklist

Speed up your exit interviews with a free Exit Interview Checklist. Easy to customize and share with employees. Gather feedback to improve your company!

Exit Interview Templates

Employee Overall Satisfaction Survey Form

A colorful and fun Employee Satisfaction Survey Form that allows your employees to rate their overall happiness, provide their understanding of their mission and whether or not would they recommend the company to someone.

Employee Surveys

New Hire Orientation Survey Template

Use this New Hire Orientation Survey Template to collect feedback regarding the onboarding process which is normally conducted by the Human Resource Department. This form can be accessed on any device like laptop, mobile, or tablets.

Human Resources Surveys

Exit Survey

Use this Exit Survey template to determine the possible factors why employees are leaving the company. The data gathered from this survey is beneficial for the company in order to improve the culture and the environment in the workplace.

Human Resources Surveys

Candidate Experience Survey

Improve and elevate the hiring process of the company by collecting feedbacks from the applicants about their experience through the help of this Candidate Experience Survey template.

Employee Surveys

New Hire 30 Day Check In Form

A new hire 30 day check-in form is a questionnaire used to collect information about new employees within the first 30 days of their employment.

Human Resources Forms

Employee Benefits Survey Template

Ask employees about their job benefits. Perfect for benefits managers. Easy to customize, integrate, and embed on any web page. No coding required.

Human Resources Surveys

Applicant Screening Form

The Applicant Screening Form which contains several sections which are family background, references, and detailed personal questions, can be used to record applicants’ information by collecting any detail you need for your decision process.

Human Resources Forms

Employee Exit Interview Survey

An employee exit interview survey is a questionnaire used by an employer to gain feedback from employees who have left the company, such as leaving for another company.

Human Resources Surveys

Staff Appraisal Form

This annual staff appraisal form asks submitters to upload job descriptions and objectives, evaluate their performance, tasks, achievements, failures of the recent year, and expectations from the upcoming year.

Human Resources Surveys

About Human Resources (HR) Surveys

As an HR professional, employee well-being is your top priority — but collecting job satisfaction surveys can be time-consuming, not to mention a big pain for employees. Make your HR surveys more engaging with Jotform’s Human Resources Surveys. Online forms don’t need to be impersonal — our Form Builder lets you add your own questions, change the fonts and colors, and add your company logo. You’ll get solid employee feedback which can be used to improve company culture. The days of disorganized handwritten surveys are long gone — collect polished data online with Jotform’s Human Resources Surveys and easily view all employee feedback on any device.