Job Safety Observation Form

Job Safety Observation Form

This online job safety observation form offers an opportunity to collect observations about the job safety from the companies. Your job safety observation form template can have various fields about safety checking, task observation and other relevant Health and Safety Standard. The observer can easily fill the job safety observation after the surveying entire area. It can be modified according to form owner's needs. Form Preview
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  • Job Safety Observation Form

  • When making recommendations, consideration should be given to the fundamental requirements outlined in the relevant Health and Safety Standard and then transferred to the OFI Register for tracking purposes.

    1.     Ask permission to observe

    6.    Survey the entire area and look for clues about how the task is being done

    2.     Review Safe Work Service Procedure (SWSP)

    7.     Discuss at risk behaviours immediately, if appropriate

    3.     Ask the person to explain the task they are performing and how they prepared for it

    8.     Ask their opinions about possible risks with the task

    4.     Conduct the observation and record on the JSO form

    9.     Complete the form with the person you observed

    5.     Stay out of the way and don’t create a hazard, wear PPE and minimise distraction

    10.  Give feedback

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  • Health and Safety Standard

  •   Y N N/A
    Is there a SWSP for the task?
    Has the SWSP been signed by the operator?
    Is the SWSP being followed?
    Was a SAM being followed?
  •   Y N N/A
    Is the correct PPE available?
    Is the PPE in good condition?
    Is the PPE a proper fit and used correctly?
  •   Y N N/A
    Are warm up and stretching excercises undertaken prior to doing physical work?
    Are appropriate lifting techniques used?
    Is the load too heavy for the individual (greater than 15 kg) or lifting greater than 5 kg above shoulder height?
    Is the load awkward or difficult to handle?
    Are fingers, hands and other body parts safely positioned to avoid moving objects / machinery?
  •   Y N N/A
    Is there frequent / prolonged manual handling?
    Is there prolonged bending at the waist?
    Is there frequent twisting of the back?
    Are awkward positions assumed for long periods?
    Are hands above the shoulder for long periods?
  •   Y N N/A
    Is the equipment right for the job?
    Was equipment visually inspected prior to using?
    Is equipment in good condition?
  •   Y N N/A
    Is the work area clear of trip / slip hazards?
    Are materials / equipment stored correctly?
    Are chemicals appropriately labelled and diluted?
    Fire fighting equipment accessible / unblocked?
    Are hazards barricaded and / or signs erected?
  •   Y N N/A
    Are pathways and handrails used?
    Is non-slip footwear worn and in good condition?
    Are spills cleaned up immediately?
  •   Y N N/A
    Is the electrical items test status current?
  •   Y N N/A
    Received FoodSafe Handlers training?
    Adhering to FoodSafe practices?
  •   Y N N/A
    Does the driver hold a valid licence (site / general) and has the driver been assessed as competent in line with Compass procedures?
    Has a pre-start inspection been carried out?
  •   Y N N/A
    Does the operator communicate effectively with others involved in the task?
  •   Y N N/A
    Any observations not covered by above?
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