Mentoring Program Application Form

Mentoring Program Application Form

This mentorship application form template will allow you to get all the necessary information of individuals that willing to be mentored along the journey of their lives. This mentorship form uses multiple collapse fields on groups of information for easier navigation. If you are looking for a mentoring form template, feel free to use this template and customize it according to your needs. And start receiving mentoring program applications today! Form Preview
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  • Welcome to LeadUS Program - Mentoring Program 2015-16 Application! We are very glad to know you are interested in participating in our program and achieving all of your dreams. Please carefully read this application. Make sure the information you provide is complete and accurate. Also, please do not leave any blank space. You will need to submit this form completely until March 1st, 2015 at 11:59pm. If you have any question/issue, do not hesitate to reach us at

    We look forward to seeing you next year! 

    • Personal Information  
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    • Education  
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    • Extracurricular Activities  
    • Short questions  
    • In the short questions, we ask you to briefly talk about your main idea and points, being concise and direct as well as explanatory. Thus, we give the opportunity for students that are not in their last year high school (graduating in school in 2016 and 2017) to answer the short questions either in Portuguese or in English. However, we highly recommend you to answer all questions in English.

      Again, students that are graduating from high school in 2014 and 2015 MUST answer all short questions completely in English.

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    • Essays  
    • Essays are the opportunity for you to differ yourself from others and shine. Be direct, descriptive, and creative. This is your time!

      You are about to write two essays: one Personal Statement, which the prompt is the same for all applicants. In addition, you will also need to work on a Writing Supplement, which you will be able to choose from the five options listed below.


      Your Personal Statement is very important for us to better understand who you are. Please write your Personal Statement in no less than 250 words and more than 650 words and based on the prompt below:

      Personal Statement Prompt: Describe the world you came from and how that shaped who you are.

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    • Your second essay is your Writing Supplement. Now, you have the opportunity to detail more about yourself. You will be able to pick one out of the five (5) essay prompts below. Please bear in mind that you need to write your essay in no less than 250 words and no more than 650 words.

      Be awesome. Be creative. Be yourself.

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    • Financial Information  
    • Please fill out this section ONLY if you are requesting financial support for the APPLICATION PROCESS to American universties. Those that are requesting it will be evaluated in their economical aspects in order to be qualified for LeadUS Program scholarships. 

      If you do not fill out this form, this means you are not requesting any kind of financial aid for the application process (test fees, translation fees, etc), but you will still be considered for the program. 

    • Attachments  
    • In order to better evaluate you, we ask you to attach some documents. Please, notice that we ask you to send all the documents in good quality and in one of the following formats .PDF or .JPEG. 

      The limit size per file is 500kb.

      Required documents:

      - High School Transcript: Please attach your current and official high school transcript, signed by your school's responsible;

      - Recommendation Letter from a High School teacher or counselor;

      Required ONLY for those requesting financial support

      - Two most recent electricity bills; (in only one file)

      - Your mother's paychecks from the last three months;

      - Your father's paychecks from the last three months;

      - Another person's paychecks from the last three months; (if anyother one that lives with you works)

    • Submission  
    • Should be Empty: