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Need an easy-to-customize online membership application form? Join the club! No, literally — our Membership Application Form templates make it easy for your club, society, or association to collect membership applications online, eliminating messy paperwork and encouraging more applicants. Simply personalize your chosen form sample, embed it in your website or send it as a link, and watch the applications start rolling in! By taking your membership applications online, you can improve your organization’s efficiency and increase your exposure.

With our user-friendly Form Builder, customizing a Membership Application Form sample is simple — just drag and drop to add your logo, update membership options and prices, and include add-ons to encourage extra purchases. Explore our unique widgets and integrations to optimize your membership application form, further improving the registration process for new club members. And if you integrate with trusted payment providers like Square, PayPal, or Stripe, you can even accept secure card payments online! Try an online Membership Application Form template to let new members seamlessly apply for your organization — you’ll cut out needless admin tasks, reduce paperwork, and get straight to having fun.

Membership Application Form

A membership application form (or membership form) is a document used by social and recreational organizations to collect information from prospective members.

Registration Forms

Signup Form

A signup form template is useful for businesses or individuals who are looking to gather email addresses. Customize this template without coding!

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Choir Signup Form

For more people to join your choir you can use this simple signup form which collects applicant personal and contact information with their vocal range. You can customize the template through a variety of tools and integrations.

Alumni Forms

Mentoring Program Application Form

A detailed Mentoring Application Form that provides you with the applicants' personal, educational, financial information with their ideas regarding some simple questions, a short essay about themselves and related attachments.

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Participant Application Form

A participant application form is a document required for joining an event or activity. No coding!

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Association Membership Application Form

An association membership application form is used by non-profit organizations to obtain information about members.

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Worship Team Application Form

Worship Application Form that provides the applicant personal and contact info, spiritual life, previous music training, personal references that can be used to catch new applicants and update the data of the existing members.

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Rotary Club Membership Application Form

A rotary membership application to accept applications by asking them to provide their reason for joining and previous affiliations and let applicants know in advance of their privileges and responsibilities.

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Rotary Membership Form

Get rotary memberships easily with the online form. Make the experience of apply to your rotary club as easy as possible.

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Membership Application Form for Association

Membership Application Form for Association template allows you to collect membership applications by asking basic information such as name, email, address and website to your prospective members. You can also offer membership types in your form template.

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Clan Membership Application Form

Use this police application form if you are an active officer and at the same time a professional online gamer to recruit members to join your clan or guild. This police department application form acts as your gateway and information form where you can provide the information as to why you are recruiting new members for your clan. In this police online application form, you can ask the officers about their real-life experiences and also ask them to provide an accurate information about their identity for verification purposes. In this police online application form, you can also ask members about their gaming history and the current gaming platform they are using.

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Membership/Enroll Application Form

Enroll your name with "Devprayag Prakash" a magzine that connects the Devprayagees across the Globe.

Application Forms

Membership Information 1-Hope Chapel

This form can be used to collect the information of the Chapel member and her/his family members.

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Members Joining Form

The International Youth of Unity Member's Joining Form is a form used by the International Youth of Unity organization to allow individuals to join the group

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Club Membership Registration Form 2

Club Membership Registration Form

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A kids club membership registration form is a document that helps parents sign up their kids for any kind of club. No coding!

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Membership Renewal Form

A membership renewal form is used to collect contact information of members who are renewing their membership of a group.

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Reseller Application Form

Ideal to get informations about re-sellers

Membership Application Form Templates

Youth Agriculture Association Membership Form

With this membership form, you can collect name, address, phone number and e-mail information from your applicants for your agriculture association.

Membership Application Form Templates

Charity Enrollment Form

Charity Enrollment Form


Gaming Clans Application Form

A gaming clans application form is a form that is used to gather relevant information about players who are interested in joining a certain gaming clan.

Membership Application Form Templates

Golden State Roleplay Community Application

Want to become part of the official Golden State Roleplay Community, but you need to fin an easy and practical way to do it? Then this is the form and the answer you are looking for!

Membership Application Form Templates