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Recommendation Forms

Using an online form is the professional way to ask for recommendation. JotForm's online recommendation form templates are free to use, and simple to edit. Plus you can brand the form to match your company's look and feel to make it look official.

Employee Of The Month Voting Form

Human Resources Forms

Want to start an Employee of the Month Award Program? Try with this employee of the month voting form template. Useful for team leaders and senior managers looking to raise morale among their employees and provide recognition for hard work. Additionally, an employee of the month voting form is a way for employees to recognize their peers and offer praise. Customize your employee of the month voting form template to include any number of candidates or descriptions fields. Get started with our pre-made employee of the month form sample and customize it to meet your needs.

Referral Form

Business Forms

Get referrals from people easily with this short and effective referral form

Employee Reference Request

Employment Forms

Our employee reference request form is designed to get references by referees listed into candidate application, in order to get a better approach during the hiring process. The hiring process can be a time-consuming process, even without the burden of tracking down references and getting their opinions. So you need a employee reference form template that will helps keep the reference feedback organized and is easy to review later on. In our employee reference form sample, we looked for employment details, ratings about the candidate and fields for commentary. Use our form as a guide for drafting your own template, additional features include apps and widget integrations.

Awards Nomination Form

Award Forms

Anybody who runs an organization such as business organization, schools, sports clubs, community group or industrial corporations can use this awards nomination form. This award nomination template is designed for every member to give the opportunity to nominate a colleague or co-worker for recognition due to exemplary work, effort or other reasons by filling out and submitting this nomination form template. Nomination forms have a section that asks the nominee award choices, nominee information and the submitter's information. As an organizer, determining the right person who best exemplifies in all aspects is now easy peasy through this award nomination form.

Referral Program Form

Business Forms

If you want to get referrals, you can use this free referral program template. You can get more referrals and keep more existing customers by using this customer referral template. This referral program form is the best form for the referral system. This program referral form template allows gathering clients' name, email and number and referral details such as referral name, email, number, and comments about the referral.

Business Promotion Form

Business Forms

This is a business promotion form for shopping malls or department stores. Promote your business and store. Find out what the customers want to buy from your business store. This promotion form template contains name, email, phone number, address. You can learn to how your customers got to know you or what do they wish to shop today by using this promotional form.

Submit Website Form

Recommendation Forms

Get website submissions easily with this submit website form. Collect links, user data, and keywords with ease.

Officer Nomination Form

Registration Forms

Use this officer nomination form template if there's a concurrence within the board to open an election process for the top post in your company or organization. This simple nomination form provides voters to nominate someone for a specific post and give details regarding the nominee including their basis of nomination and the qualification of the candidate. Of course, this officer application template also asks for the voter's information which would help the election officers determine if the vote is legit. Use this nomination form template if there is a vacancy in your company or organization for the positions such as president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Congreso Internacional Dhla

Registration Forms

Here's a Spanish quality business based form to help manage and run a company or program.

Get An Estimate For Some Service Form

Customer Service Forms

Your customers get a chance to get estimates with this online form and do better business with you. Ideal for perfect customer relationships.

Formulario De Encuesta De Satisfaccion Del Cliente

Business Forms

Quiere evaluar satisfacción al cliente en su negocio?Este formulario es fácil de usar y muy eficaz incluso en los casos de múltiples clientes. Spanish form- Used by managent to evaluate the customer satisfaction at the business.

School Withdrawal Survey Form

Education Forms

This school withdrawal survey form is designed to collect feedback from its current students who are not returning the following year. Their thoughts and impressions of the school's program are valuable, so collect them with ease through this school withdrawal form. This elementary school withdrawal form template asks the students about their personal info, who filled out the student withdrawal form, grade, their thoughts, and disappointments. To find out why are they leaving and get to know their reasons, use this school withdrawal survey form template now!

Restaurant Evaluation Survey 5

Business Forms

Spanish Restaurant Survey Form. How is your staff assisting your customers?Let them tell you! The impression they had about the restaurant? Don't let them leave without giving a feedback! Form template useful in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Genanotech Anfrage Formular

Contact Forms

A simple inquiry form in German language for genanotech installation. Ein einfaches Anfrageformular für genanotech Installation. Captcha-Schutz- und Häkchenoptionen für sofortige Auswahl

Participant Nomination Form

Recommendation Forms

It is great form of recommending someone for nomination to an event. It captures areas of one's attributes.

Health & Fitness Contact Form

Healthcare Forms

Health and Fitness based contact form. Allows to contact for advice on health and fitness related things or even physical issues. Type in key information, pick a date, pick an advisor and include a problematic area you need assistance with. Details? No problem! add them up and you are all set!

Suggest Website

Order Forms

Get website suggestions online with this easy to fill web form.

Preliminary Vacation Itinerary

Recommendation Forms

Use this form to quote provide information to your client for vacation itinerary building.

Operations Write Up

Recommendation Forms

This is a form designed to submit complaints.

Müzik Promosyon Formu

File Upload Forms

Müzik tanıtmak için en iyi yolu, bu formu kullanarak gereğidir. Siz, kişisel bilgilerinizi bırakın sizin sahne adını ekleyerek ve müzik örnekleri yükleyebilirsiniz.

Devolucao Cancelamento

Recommendation Forms

Formulário de devoluçaõ e-comerce.

Çalışan Adayı Başvuru Bildirim Formu

Job Application Forms

Çalışan adaylarınızı İnternet ortamından sunabilmeniz için hazırlanmış bir formdur.

Servis Refakat Ve Hükümler Formu

Recommendation Forms

Şirketinize gelen talepleri yanıtlamak, dağıtmak ve yönetmek için kolay bir yönteme mi ihtiyacınız var? JotForm’un talep formları sayesinde, gelen talepleri kolaylıkla yönetebilirsiniz. Buna ek olarak talepleri onay almak amacıyla belirli bir form ile gönderebilirsiniz. JotForm ile belirli bir çalışan talebi ya da ürün talebi için form oluşturmak son derece kolay.

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