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Whether you’re a landlord, real estate agent, or inspection company, perform home inspections on any device with Jotform’s free Home Inspection Forms. Get started by choosing a free template below to personalize with our drag-and-drop builder — then share the form with employees or fill it out yourself from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. No messy paper forms are required.

Want to make changes to our Home Inspection Forms? Customize a template by uploading your logo, choosing new fonts and colors, and making other design changes without coding. All form submissions are stored securely and ready to be viewed in Jotform Tables or converted into PDFs with Jotform PDF Editor. Save time and paper by completing inspection reports online with Home Inspection Forms from Jotform.

Building Inspection Checklist

A building inspection checklist is a list of items that should be inspected while doing an inspection of a building. It is customizable with easy-to-use and drag-and-drop features of Jotform. No coding!

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Brand Standard Room Inspection Form

A brand standard room inspection form is a free form template that can be used for hotel or other room inspections. . Inspect the rooms easily and quickly!

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Home Renovation Checklist

An online home renovation checklist is a document used to guide contractors through an entire home renovation project. No coding to customize this free template.

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Lawn Mower Inspection Checklist

A lawn mower inspection checklist is used to track maintenance for your lawn mower. Easy to use. No coding.

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Property Management Inspection Checklist

A property management inspection checklist is a form that is filled out by a property manager who is visiting an apartment complex or home to inspect it for any repairs or maintenance issues.

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Fence Estimation Form

Create paperless fence estimates for customers. Great for carpenters and contractors. Works great on any device. Customize in a few easy clicks. No coding required.

Home Inspection Forms

Move In Inspection Form holiday homes

A move in inspection form is used by real estate agents to conduct a walkthrough of a house after a tenant or homeowner has moved in

Home Inspection Forms

Property Exit Inspection Form

A property exit inspection form is a checklist designed to be filled out following a property inspection.

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Smoke Alarm Authorization Form

A smoke alarm authorization form is used by the real estate agency to get in touch with the owner or tenant of a building to get them to set up a new smoke alarm system on their property

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