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Virtual Event Registration Form

Gather online registrations for your upcoming virtual event by using this Virtual Event Registration Form. This template is simple yet very powerful because of the configurable list widget and purchase order tool.

Registration Forms

Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Authorization Form authorizes your company to automatically get payments from your customers’ accounts in pre-defined amounts and frequency which grants the permission to be paid.

Banking Forms

Sample Request Form

A sample request form is a quick and easy way to ask for examples of a product or service from a business.

E-commerce Forms

Employee Timesheet Template

An employee timesheet template is used by employers to track the hours that their employees work.

Business Forms

Eyelash Extension Consent & Appointment Form

Schedule eyelash extension appointments. Get signatures online. Free consent and appointment form template. Easy to customize and embed. No coding.

Consent Forms

Waxing Consent & Appointment Form

Free template for waxing salons. Book appointments easily. Get e-signatures. Easy to customize and embed. 100+ integrations, including Google Calendar. No coding.

Salon Forms

Microblading Consent & Appointment Form

Microblading Consent & Appointment Form is a document that is completed by the customer who wishes to undergo consent procedures and wants to take appointment.

Salon Forms

Sickness Leave Form

Apply for a sickness leave to your employer by using this Sickness Leave Form. This form should be approved by your supervisor so that the payroll will use your remaining leave credits.

Human Resources Forms

Freight Dispatch Agreement

Expand your dispatching service's reach by engaging agreements with carriers fast and secure. Copy this Freight Dispatch Agreement Form Template to your Jotform account now.

Broker Forms

Gaming Tournament Registration Form

Register teams and individual players for your gaming tournament. Free customizable registration template. Integrate with Discord. Mobile-friendly. No coding.

Contest Registration Forms

Pay Increase Form

A Pay Increase Form to officially gather salary increase requests from employees through collecting type and amount of increase, effective date, justification letter, approval status and signature of the decision-maker.

Human Resources Forms

Amazon Order Return Form

Filing an order return on is sometimes hassle without Amazon return instructions template. If you are an Amazon seller and looking for an Amazon return form, then look no further. This return form template is all you need. You can use this returns form template in your Amazon storefront or your website where your customer submits their return request. Furthermore, you can convert this form into a PDF form so you can send Amazon return form pdf to your customers through email where they fill out the PDF form and send back to you. Through this form, the steps to ensure the successful return is less and easier.

E-commerce Forms

Hair Consultation Form

Know your client's needs and preferences by having them fill up this Hair Consultation Form before scheduling an appointment. This form can be accessed on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Appointment Forms

Virtual Course Registration Form

Gain students online by advertising your course across social media and online ads by using this Virtual Course Registration Form. You can easily use this template for free here in Jotform.

Education Forms

Summer School Application Form

Collect applications with a free online Summer School Application Form. Customize and embed in your school's website. Accept tuition fees via Square or PayPal!

Summer Camps

Body Contouring Consent Form

Receive proper consent and have your patients informed for body contouring. Copy this Body Contouring Consent Form template to your Jotform account.

Salon Forms

Veterinary Hospital Treatment Form

Veterinary Hospital Treatment Form is used mainly in a veterinary clinic for pet's treatment records. This is very helpful in tracking, monitoring the pet's treatment process and evaluating other treatments needed for the pet. This form contains information such as pet owner name, phone number, date, pet name, pet weight, monitoring tracker and complications.

Veterinary Service Forms

Supplier Evaluation Form

Use this Supplier Evaluation Form when classifying and assessing a supplier company. This form is simple and easy to use because it contains all the queries that you need in order to evaluate a supplier company properly.

Business Forms

Roofing Inspection Form

Secure the roofing of an establishment by using this Roofing Inspection Form. This can be used as a checklist when reviewing the status of the roof, ceiling, and gutters.

Checklist Forms

Fitness Client Intake Form

Fitness Client Intake Form provides you with your customers' contact details, health history, lifestyle details, availability status, training goals and acknowledgement to terms and conditions.

Sports Forms

Call Details Record Form

Gathering sales call logs has never been so easy with an online sales call form! With using this template, you can easily track sales call form submissions, export, or print them if it is needed. So, If you searching for a very simple call log form template, just give this sale call log template a try!

Customer Service Forms

Online Art Class Registration Form

Get more students or participants by using this Online Art Class Registration Form. This template is designed to capture the attention of everyone.

Education Forms

Private School Scholarship Application

Speed up the internal process of your Scholarship Application by checking our sample form. Drag and drop that info you want and have the form customized with ease!

Education Forms

Swimming Pool Waiver Release Form

Protect your swimming pool from lawsuits due to accidents. Let your guests sign this Swimming Pool Waiver Release Form template using a mobile device or computer.

Informed Consent Forms