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A student enrollment form allows students to enroll in classes and school programs online. Simplify the online enrollment process for students with Jotform’s easy-to-fill-out Student Enrollment Forms. These free readymade templates are fully-customizable, so all you need to do is select the one that best suits your need, modify it in a few clicks to match your school, and embed it in your website to begin enrolling students in courses. All submissions will be stored in your secure account, ready to be viewed, organized, and shared with instructors.

You won’t need to enroll in a coding class to customize any of Jotform’s Student Enrollment Form Templates for your school. Using our drag-and-drop Form Builder, you can easily add form fields, upload images and logos, set up conditions and integrations, change the template layout, and more. When your form is ready to fill out, embed it in your school site or send students direct email invites so they can begin registering for classes. Make it easier for students to get into the classes they need with Jotform’s Student Enrollment Forms.

Student Enrollment Form

Collect new student registrations with Jotform’s free Student Enrollment Form. Securely store responses online. Collect fee payments via 35+ payment gateways.

Student Registration Forms

College Application Form

Start collecting school registrations from new students for your college using this College Application Form. Don't waste time building forms! Simply copy this form to your Jotform account and publish this to your page!

School Application Forms

Student Information Collection Form

A student information collection form is a document used by teachers to collect data about their students.

Student Registration Forms

College Enrollment Form

A college enrollment form is a document that students and parents fill out immediately following admission to a college, university, or technical school.

Student Enrollment Forms

School Admission Form

A school admission form is used by primary and secondary schools to register new students.

School Enrollment Forms

Student Enrollment & Release Form: Littlest Learners

our enrollment form for Sprouts, looks the same for camp and LL just changing of program name, price etc.

Student Enrollment Forms

Prospect Questionnaire Form

A prospect questionnaire is a form that a business, or an individual, can use to gather information from a prospect, hence the name "prospect questionnaire".

Questionnaire Templates

New Student Form

A new student form is used by teachers to help students register for courses and provide information about registration procedures. take the stress out of collecting student information!

Student Enrollment Forms

Student Enrolment Application Form

A student enrolment application form is used to register students for class or school and takes information about the student, parent, and guardian.

Student Enrollment Forms

Work Study Application Form

A work study application form allows students to apply for a work study program. Easy to customize without coding.

Student Enrollment Forms

Gymnastics Enrollment Form

A gymnastics enrollment form is used to register students in a gymnastics class.

Sports Registration Forms

Continuing Enrollment Form

Unlike in doing a re-enrollment process where one has to fill out the same personal information sheet every time one enrolls for the semester, a continuing enrollment makes a practical approach that a student keeps an active status with the school every semester or school year.

Student Registration Forms

Panhellenic Information Form

A Panhellenic Information Form is used by students who are interested in joining a sorority.

Student Enrollment Forms