Real Estate Feedback Forms

24 Templates

Real Estate Open House Feedback Form

Find out what open house guests think of the houses you’re showing. Great for real estate agents. Collect feedback from any device. Analyze results instantly.

Real Estate Feedback Forms

Rental Reference Request

A rental reference request form is used by property managers to collect references for potential tenants in an apartment or other rental community.

Real Estate Feedback Forms

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

A tenant satisfaction survey is a form that property owners can use to ask tenants how satisfied they are with their living spaces and how likely they are to renew their leases.

Satisfaction Surveys

Tenant Feedback Form

Gather feedback from your tenants online. Save time with an easy-to-customize online feedback form. Share or embed in your website in seconds. No coding needed.

Real Estate Feedback Forms

Real Estate Applicant Questionnaire Form

A real estate applicant questionnaire form is a document used by real-estate agents to collect information from home-buyers about their financial status and living requirements.

Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Showing Feedback Form

Gather feedback from property showing attendees. Great for real estate agents. Fill out on any device. Easy to customize, share, and embed with no coding.

Real Estate Feedback Forms

Real Estate Agent Feedback Form

Gather feedback from your clients on any device. Free online feedback form template. Easy to customize with no coding required. Analyze results to improve services.

Real Estate Feedback Forms

Housing Survey

A housing survey is a procedure used by property owners to receive feedback from tenants about their housing experience. customize this free template to evaluate a house without coding!

Real Estate Feedback Forms

Brokers Open Feedback Form

A Broker's Open Feedback Form is a form template designed to gather feedback from real estate agents during broker's open events.

Feedback Forms

Tenant Complaint Form

A tenant complaint form is an official document that is sent to a landlord or property manager when a tenant has a problem or concern.

Real Estate Forms

Construction Waiver Form

A Construction Waiver Form is a legally binding agreement which releases a party from liability for injury or damage that may occur during a construction project. Customize this template without coding!

Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Survey

If you’re planning to grow your reals estate business, use our free Real Estate Survey template to find out more about your customers' expectations.

Real Estate Feedback Forms

CaraM Commercial Real Estate Inquiry

With this form, you can collect your customers' financial information and where they are looking for a house.

Real Estate Forms

Public Open House Feedback Form

Get feedback from the public at your next open house. Great for real estate agents. Seamlessly collect responses on any device. Customize or embed with no coding.

Feedback Forms

Property Feedback Form

Now it's very easy to collect feedback about properties with the Property Feedback Form. Gather all the necessary information and improve your real estate business. No coding.

Real Estate Feedback Forms

Real Estate Referral Form

Seamlessly refer your real estate clients to other professionals. Drag and drop to create. No coding required. Easy to customize and share online.

Real Estate Forms

Open House Feedback Form

Collecting open house attendees’ feedback is easy with the help of the Open House Feedback Form. No coding is required.

Feedback Forms

Property Exit Inspection Form

A property exit inspection form is a checklist designed to be filled out following a property inspection.

Home Inspection Forms

Real Estate Counter Offer Form

Real Estate Counter Offer Form can be used if there is a need to negotiate between buyer and seller for the sale of a property. The form can be made by either seller or buyer. No coding!

Real Estate Forms

House Appraisal Checklist Form

A house appraisal checklist is a questionnaire used by insurance companies and realtors to determine the value of houses.

Real Estate Forms

Seller Disclosure Form

A seller disclosure form is a legal form that is used to inform a seller of any hazards that might exist in a property.

Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Offer Questionnaire Form

A real estate offer questionnaire is a form used by real estate agents to collect information on potential property offers. No coding!

Real Estate Forms

Residencial Life Weekly Report

Weekly feedback form about students' housing experience. To ensure proficient management of living areas and to incorporate meaningful activities during their time in college.

Real Estate Feedback Forms

About Real Estate Feedback Forms

Looking for a way to improve your real estate business? Here is a simple yet highly effective solution: Feedbacks! Gather valuable insights to improve your customer experience with online forms. Online feedback forms provide you with the capability to easily reach your customers through several channels such as their email addresses, through your website, via QR code or by a direct link. You can increase the number of responses you receive and store this data in a more organized structure. Get meaningful insights using Jotform’s advanced data storing and management capabilities.

Simply choose one of the Real Estate Feedback Form Templates that best matches your purpose of collecting feedback. Then customize the template with not a single line of code required. Drag and drop questions, add rating scales, ask what to improve. Customize the design fully to match your own branding, add images, videos and more. Integrate with 100+ apps including Airtable, Slack,, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more submissions will automatically appear exactly where you need them.