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Form Templates by Carina

Tabela para Pedidos

Request Forms

O formulário é usado para coletar informações básicas dos clientes. Característica de marca de verificação aprimorada sobre como o cliente conheceu o produto. Seleção de fotos em destaque para fácil identificação de produtos.

Music Artist Booking Form

Event Booking Forms

This artist booking request letter sample is used to book a music artist for an event. Your customers can select several types of performance while providing information on the needs of their event. This artist booking contract template includes a detailed agreement with the artist equipment needs for certain specific options. This artist booking email template includes a payment tool and it includes a signature. Also, it can work as a contract.

Formulario Reserva Agencia Viajes

Request Forms

Que necesitan para las vacaciones? Hazlos llenar este formulario! Spanish form template. Want to know what they are planning for vacations? Find out! Let them fill out this form.

Total Savings Calculator

Calculation Forms

Use this form to simulate how much you can save with interests rate option added. Insert number of years, monthly value and select GIC type. You will then get total amount saved. Simple and direct.

Body Mass Index calculator

Calculation Forms

Calculate your Body Mass Index

Wedding Shot List Worksheet

Services Forms

Want to know exactly what the newly weds would like and expect about your work? Get them to fill out this form! Useful for professional photographers.

Christmas Contact Form

Contact Forms

Start spreading the Christmas spirit with a customized holidays contact form with reindeer background. All purpose. Useful for party organizers or gift givers.

Hotel Daily Report Form

Report Forms

Here is a hotel shift report template for law enforcement or security officers assigned at the hotel to report their shift information. This hotel daily report form would ask officers to enter their starting and ending hour of the shift, total hours worked, and details of the most important situations of their shift, as well as an activity summary. In this hotel daily report sample, officers can provide up to eight job details regarding their shift and provide hours and description of what is happening. This hotel report template is optimized and focused for security personnel to provide details if there is an arrest happened.

Percentage calculator

Calculation Forms

Insert the part and the whole and find the percentage in this easy-to-use form. And after send the results to your email.

Formulário de Pedido de Webdesign

Request Forms

Consiga pedidos de webdesign com este prático formulário de pedido.

Christmas Stylish Contact Form - red

Contact Forms

Get ready for Christmas with this red contact form. Stylish Christmas tree theme. Want customers to share in their Holiday's experiences? or wants and needs? Get them typing!

Scientific Journal article submission form

Education Forms

Submit your journal articles in a simple way with this form. It allows you to add referees.

Patient Information

Healthcare Forms

With this form you can easily register both the contacts of potential new patients and add new appointments for recurring patients. You can add the primary diagnoses, treatments and goals.

Christmas Contact Form

Contact Forms

Tired of red and Santa Claus themes? This sober, simple and stylish contact form can still evoke the holiday spirit. With enhanced comments box.


Education Forms

Com este formulário poderá avaliar o desempenho do aluno de forma fácil e intuitiva

Meters to Inches Converter

Calculation Forms

Convert meters to inches and inches to meters nice and easy with this form.

Assignment upload form

Education Forms

Use this form for your students to upload their assignments.

Formulario de Pedido de Crudos - Azul

E-commerce Forms

Usted puede recibir solicitudes para sus productos con este formulario, en color azul.

Party Booking

Event Registration Forms

Use this stylish form to receive your children party bookings. With a pink theme.


Con este formulario podrá evaluar el desempeño del docente de forma pormenorizada

MB to KB calculator

Calculation Forms

Convert your files MB to KB with this form and have the results emailed to you, fast and easy!

Translator Availability Reminder

Registration Forms

Collect your translators availability with this form. Translators can provide three different availabilties, provide a start and end date and number of words per day.