Wedding Shot List Worksheet 2

Wedding Shot List Worksheet 2

Want to know exactly what the newly weds would like and expect about your work? Get them to fill out this form! Useful for professional photographers. Form Preview
  • Wedding Shot List Worksheet


    Having a shot list for your wedding photography ensures you and your family receive the images you’re dreaming of for your big day. It’s very important to work out ahead of time which combinations of family members you would like to see in your formals. We will have very limited time during the wedding to take all the images you’d like, so planning things out ahead of time is essential for success. The following Shot List is a general compilation of our experience photographing weddings and the traditional images Brides and Grooms can expect from their photographer. Please review this list and add your own ideas so we can make sure to plan time for them. We’re always happy to accommodate special requests!

    STUDIO USE ONLY (1st Photographer and 2nd Photographer)

  •   Yes No 1st photographer 2nd Photographer
    Hanging Dress
    Bride's Shoes
    Bride's Jewelry
    Bridal Bouquet
    Bride Looking in mirror
    Bride Putting on Makeup
    Bride Styling Hair
    Bridesmaid's Makeup styling
    Bridesmaid's Hair styling
    Bridesmaids putting on dresses, shoes
    Getting Bride Dress on
    Mom's expression (bride in dress)
    Bride with mother
    Bride with Father
    Bride with Flower girl
    Bride with Family members/ friends
  •   Yes No 1st Photographer 2nd Photographer
    Groom’s shoes
    Groom’s boutonniere
    Wedding rings
    Groom buttoning jacket
    Groom putting on shoes
    Close-up of groom’s tie
    Close-up of groom’s boutonniere
    Groom standing alone, dressed
    Groomsmen putting on jackets
    Groomsmen tying shoes
    Groomsmen shaking hands
    Best man with groom
    Groom getting dressed
    Groomsmen shaking hands with groom
    Best man hugging groom
    Father/family members hugging groom
    Groom with mother
    Groom with father
    Groom with family members / friends
  •   Yes No 1st Photographer 2nd Photographer
    Bride approaching groom
    Groom’s face when he sees Bride
    Interactions of Bride/ Groom together
  •   Yes No 1st Photographer 2nd Photographer
    Floral or decorative details
    Sign-in book / gift table display
    Images of ceremony site (guests view)
    Images of ceremony site (Bridal view)
    Guests arriving, greeting eachother
  •   Yes No 1st Photographer 2nd Photographer
    Bridal party walking down the aisle
    Bride’s Parents facial expressions
    Father giving away Bride
    Groom’s face when he sees bride
    Exchange of rings
    Ceremony details
    First kiss
    Bridesmaids and Groomsmen reactions
    Celebratory walk down the aisle
  •   Yes No 1st Photographer 2nd Photographer
    bridal portraits, bride only
    Groom only
    Bride and groom (romantic poses)
    Close-up of rings
    Close-up of bride and groom’s faces
  •   Yes No 1st Photographer 2nd Photographer
    Groomsmen with Groom
    Groomsmen’s shoes/ all together
    Groomsmen having fun together
    Bridesmaids with bride
    Bride and bridesmaids’ shoes
    Entire bridal party (everyone)
    Groom only with groom’s parents
    Groom with groom’s extended family
    Bride only with bride’s parents
    Bride with bride’s extended family
    Bride and Groom with All parents
    Bride/groom with extended family
    Large group shot
    entire bridal party
    extended family members
    Your choice of family and guest combinations (grandparents, out of town guests, close friends, godparents, children)
  •   Yes No 1st Photographer 2nd Photographer
    Table decor and floral arrangements
    Seating chart
    Any special details / decor
    Bride & Groom’s table
    Cake Details
    Overall shot of reception area
  •   Yes No 1st Photographer 2nd Photographer
    During Reception
    Guests arriving
    Details of food, drinks
    Guest interactions, introductions
    Formal introductions / entry of bridal party
    Formal introductions of bride and groom
    Toasts and speeches
    First dance with father and bride
    First dance with bride and groom
    Bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing
    Family members dancing
    Guests dancing / conversing
    Bouquet toss / special traditions or games
    Cake cutting
    Formal farewell / exit of bride and groom
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