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COVID-19 Vaccine Update Sign Up Form

Let the patient know if the vaccine is available or if there any updates by having them fill out this COVID-19 Vaccine Update Sign Up Form. This form can be accessed on tablets and smartphones.

Coronavirus Response Forms

COVID-19 Vaccine Availability Form

A COVID-19 vaccine availability form is used by medical organizations to find out if a patient is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Healthcare Forms

University Fair Registration Form

Let organizers register and share information about their fair or events that they are planning by using this University Fair Registration Form. Easily access this form by using the standard direct link or embed it to a webpage.

Education Forms

Distancing and Barriers Checklist

Record social distancing measures online. Free checklist form template. Easy to customize, share, and fill out on any device. 100+ app integrations. No coding.

Coronavirus Response Forms

Equipment Process Inspection Form

Inspect the machines and equipment used by the company by using this Equipment Process Inspection Form as a checklist in order to make sure that they are in good condition. This form can be opened on a tablet or mobile device while doing the inspection.

Inspection Forms

COVID-19 Outbreak Reporting Form

Allow the facility to report their current status in terms of the number of COVID-19 patients by having them fill out this COVID-19 Outbreak Reporting Form. This form template contains all necessary information in determining if there's an outbreak in the facility or not.

COVID-19 Report Forms

Underwear Survey

An underwear survey is a questionnaire used to find out about the different types of underwear worn by both men and women.

Marketing Forms

AB Test Log Form

Create an A/B testing knowledge online with a free A/B Test Log Form. Easy to customize and share with your team. View submissions on any device.

Business Forms

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test Order Form

Sell coronavirus antibody tests online. Easy-to-customize online form. Protected with PCI compliance and optional HIPAA compliance. Fill out on any device.

Order Forms

Flu Vaccine Voucher Form

Provide assistance to individuals who don't have medical insurance by letting them request a voucher using this Flu Vaccine Voucher Form. This form template can be accessed on any device like laptop, desktop, and mobile.

Healthcare Forms

Cloth Design Form

With this Cloth Design Form Template asks your customers to choose the type of fabric and category of the cloth, with further details and comments. No coding.

Request Forms

Agile Work Item Details Form

The Agile Work Item Details Form is a template that allows you to capture the necessary information that you may need to update or change an existing work item.

Information Request Forms

COVID-19 Vaccine Enrollment Form

Receive enrollments for the vaccination program by letting the patients fill out this COVID-19 Vaccine Enrollment Form. This template can be opened using the direct link or can be embedded on any webpage.

Coronavirus Response Forms

Sponsorship Survey

A sponsorships survey is a form that helps sports, cultural, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and other organization to collect information about their sponsors.

Business Forms

University Interview Booking Form

Allow student applicants to schedule or book interview dates and times via this University Interview Booking Form. This form can be opened easily on any device like mobile phone and tablet.

Education Forms

Franchise Seller Disclosure Form

A Franchise Disclosure Form is a document which franchisor uses to disclose the information about the business and terms of agreement between the franchisor and the potential franchisee.

Consent Forms

Confidential Enrollment Form

Secure your enrollment for your students and give the parents the ease of enrolling their child. Use this Confidential Enrollment Form Template here.

Informed Consent Forms

E-Book Reader Request Form

An e-book reader request form simply processes and helps to manage the requests of e-readers by gathering readers' request date and use duration. Easy to customize and embed in your website. No coding.

Request Forms

Visit Appointment Form

Arrange your customer's visit schedule and stay organized with Jotform's Visit Appointment Form. Collect your visitor's contact details and ask their purpose of visit. Fully customizable. No coding required.

Appointment Forms

Return to In-Person School Information and Commitment Form

No need to meet with your student's parents for getting their commitment for their students to go back to in-person learning. Neither you need to call the parents one by one or wait for them to call just to know they are interested to go back to attending classes physically. Use this Return to In-Person School Information and Commitment Form template and get their commitment right away.

Education Forms

Household Information Form

Take advantage of the internet technology in processes in business or public service. Use this Household Information Form Template here for free.

Information Request Forms

Fitness Club Re-Opening Survey

Start conducting surveys for your fitness club prior to reopening to ensure the success of your business with this Fitness Club Re-Opening Survey template. Just copy this template to your Jotform account, get the URL and either embed it on your website or send it to your customers' email addresses and start receiving feedback from them.

Sports Forms

Virtual Critical Incident Response Disclaimer

Manage your employees or start your operation for services with a company in their coping with a recent experience from trauma beginning with this Virtual Critical Incident Response Form template. This can easily be embedded on any web page or can stand alone as a form on any computer or mobile device. Use this as a guide or use this template as is. Just copy this template to your Jotform account and have your own This Virtual Critical Incident Response Disclaimer form template instantly.

Healthcare Forms

Sheriff Candidate Petition

Support the candidate for the Sheriff position and its party members by using this Sheriff Candidate Petition form template. This template contains all necessary questions for the form to be valid.

Petition Forms