Volunteer Authorization and Consent Form

Volunteer Authorization and Consent Form

Do you want to give a permission about volunteer authorization and consent? This is a volunteer consent form template that can be used to consent to a background check such as for employment or some other type of high-security level task that requires authorization. Volunteer background check authorization form has personal information, your previous addresses, and consent for release of information. Form Preview
Volunteer Authorization and Consent Form Template | JotForm
  • Previous Addresses in Last Seven (7) Years

  • Consent for Release of Information


    By submitting this application, I, the undersigned applicant, do hereby certify that the information provided by me for the purpose of the employment/volunteer worker assignment is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize The Church of Glad Tidings/GTAustin (sometimes herein as "GT") to investigate all statements contained in this application to determine my suitability for this volunteer assignment, and otherwise investigate my character, reputation, personal characteristics, work habits, performance, experience, skills and/or abilities. GT or any of its agents, are also authorized to verify and conduct any investigation into my personal, motor vehicle, and employment history and request any records related thereto, and to request and receive any and all criminal history record information pertaining to me.

    I authorize schools, law enforcement and governmental agencies of any kind, current or former employers, whether or not named in this application, and any other references or persons with knowledge of me to provide GT with any information, verbally and/or in writing, which may be requested, including but not limited to information concerning employment, criminal, driving and any other records or reports, evaluations and reasons for any termination. I further authorize any of GT agents or representatives to disclose orally or in writing the results of this verification or interview process to other GT agents or representatives, including agents or representatives of the North Texas District of the Assemblies of God.

    I hereby hold harmless all persons, organizations, agencies, et al., who provide GT with any information, and such entities or persons are hereby fully released from any and all claims and damages that may be connected with their release of any of the information they provide. Furthermore, I do hereby agree to forever release, indemnify and hold harmless GT, their agents and assigns, to the full extent permitted by law, from any claims, damages, losses, liability, costs and expenses or any other charge or complaint related to this authorization and the retrieving and reporting of information.

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