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Setting up an Autoresponder Email

Setting up an Autoresponder Email

If you want an instant, pre-written reply, or you want the submitters to get a copy of the data they have submitted on your form, then you will need to set up an Autoresponder Email, so let's get started!

A. Click SETTINGS at the top of the Form Builder.

B. Next, click EMAILS on the left nav.

C. Click the + icon.


Each section is separated by tabs:

(Left) EMAIL Tab:

Allows you to setup the email template. Here's a screenshot of its main function:

1. Click the EMAIL tab to view it.

2. You can click the PENCIL icon and edit the name of the Autoresponder email.

3. You can input text here that will be used as the email's subject line. If you want to add a form field value on it, simply click the PENCIL icon and it will give you the list of form fields.

4. Here, you can see and add the FORM FIELDS in your email template. It'll give you the correct field tag specific to its related form field. An example would be, the field tag for the default name field, which is {name}.

5. This is the main body of the email template, you can edit, format, or style it as you like.

(Middle) RECIPIENTS Tab:

This allows you to set the sender name, reply-to email address, and set the recipient email field for where you want to send the Autoresponder.

Also, make sure to put your Sender Name. This can be your Name or Company Name. Reply-to Email should be your email address or the email address of your company. The very important part is the Recipient Email which will be the email field of your form. You have to select it from the dropdown.

(Right) ADVANCED Tab:

In the ADVANCED tab, there are optional features that you can use, though none of them are required.

1. You can check the SEND ON EDIT option if you want the Autoresponder to be sent when the submission is edited.

2. You can send the submission as a PDF ATTACHMENT.

3. You can ATTACH A FILE.



6. Setup the SENDER EMAIL. Please note that it is strongly recommended to keep as the Sender Email because this helps to ensure that the Autoresponder is not identified by the recipient's email provider as spam.

7. Keep the UPDATE EMAIL toggled to YES. While this option is disabled, changes on the form will not affect the email content, so it won't auto-update.

E. Finally, click the SAVE button and make sure that all of the changes in your Autoresponder were applied.

If you'd like to see how your Autoresponder looks like, you can test your form Autoresponder email by clicking the TEST EMAIL button. You should receive the test email to your account's registered email address. You can also test the form by filling it out to submit actual data using a valid test email.

Additionally, there is also the chance that you may have more than one Email Address that you wish to use in your Autoresponder to be listed with the notification being sent to Multiple Recipients.

If you want to use your own Email Address as the Sender Email, that is now possible with Jotform. There are two methods that you can use:

How to Add a Custom Sender Address to an Email Alert

How to Setup SMTP for a Form

NOTE: If you're looking for a way to setup a text only email, this is not possible anymore. The new wizard will allow you to only change the HTML email, text only emails are actually no longer used as mobile devices are becoming more common and all can open HTML-based emails without issues.

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • plazaexecutive

    The following paragraph is erroneous as you must select from a drop-down on autoresponder email and do not have the opportunity to add additional email addresses:

    "Additionally, there is also the chance that you may have more than one Email Address that you wish to use in your Autoresponder to be listed with the notification being sent to Multiple Recipients.."

    "Multiple Recipients" is hyper-linked to a page on how to setup multiple recipients for Notification emails, not Autoresponders. This is confusing and misleading.

  • Debbie Wolpert

    Im setting up autoresponder email and its not letting me put anything in the "recipient email" space. The drop down menu states "please select" but it doesn't let me add anything. This is a problem because I cannot save the email auto responder. Also, what should I put in that box so that it automatically responds to whomever buys a ticket to our event.

    Also, I am adding a ticket to send in this email. Do I just upload that as a PDF attachment?

  • a222

    why am i not getting emails/notifications when someone fills and submits my form? I do not want to log into my account to be notified. I want to have the editable form in my email once someone submits. The autoresponder field "reply-to-email" has my email address and the test seems to work but not when someone fills and submits the form. Why is this happening?

  • UVFM

    We have an issue that has been occurring sporadically but more and more frequently.
    Our clients submit a weekly rsvp thru our form called "Artisan Weekly Reservation". We ARE receiving the notification of their RSVP on our end, however, Some clients are NOT receiving the autoresponder confirmation email.

    I have been troubleshooting with one client, in particular. He has tried 4 times:
    His email provider is through GoDaddy into Outlook on a PC running Windows 10, as well as into the Apple email system on his iPhone. He has submitted using Chrome as well as Edge on his PC
    He did a broad search including his junk mail and there is still nothing from Jotform or from us.

    I am on a Mac operating Yosemite 10.10.5 (where the forms were created). Our clients access the forms through our Squarespace website. Everything seems to work except for receiving the email notification for SOME clients.

    The form and autoresponder work just fine most of the time, for 2 years, except for a handful of of our regular clients for some reason.

    I have attached screenshots of our form settings as well as the link to the form in question.
    I have also attached a screenshot of a Notification block popup that comes up for me sometimes, which I Allow. Is there a PC version of this?

    Could there be some compatibility issue?
    Could there be a Block or Setting somewhere that you can help me walk them through?
    Again, I am on a Mac and He is on a PC, which I know nothing about.

  • Apiwork

    What is "datede46" ?
    I would to send an email after 30 days... for example 35 days. It is possible ?

  • oaservicework

    I want to add a hyperlink in the autoresponder email, cannot find anything that tells me how.

  • Jeffrey

    Any way to have the entire text of the form included in the autoresponder e mail and not just the content of response fields?

  • FrancesThompson

    this is clear as mud

  • VCSClaims

    Where can I track emails that have been sent?

  • alexbryan87

    I am wondering if this could be a solution to the workflow I need. I am creating a photo editing service. The ideal workflow would look like this:
    1. A customer purchases a service, fills out the form, and uploads their photos.
    2. Upon successful payment and upload of the photos two autoresponder emails are sent out. One to them confirming their order, and the second and most importantly an autoresponder email to my editing staff telling them they have a new job to complete, AND it has a respond feature (it looks like this is the advanced features explained above) to upload and send back the finished photos.
    3. My editing staff can download the photos uploaded from the customer, edit them, and then return them using the form in the initial autoresponder email with the upload feature.

    Will this work? If so, is there also a way for my editing team to check a box on the form to return the edited photos that will somehow mark the job as complete?

  • ksedler

    I have set an autoresponder to send an email to the client 1 day after the form submission. How can I get a copy email (BCC) of this autoresponder ?

  • Cill_Airne

    Hi, I've set up an auto response follow-up email to be sent to recipients on a custom date (eg: rep sport nomination - acknowledgement auto response1 and follow-up reminder about trials day auto response2). The test email for auto response2 worked fine. The custom option allows me to set the date to send the email, eg: today, but not the time. Is this set to a default time like 12:00am GMT or similar when the emails are sent to recipients? I want to be able to check that the follow-up emails have been sent. Cheers.

  • Kelechi_VC

    I have deleted auto response multiple times for my forms. And it still finds it way back to the form.
    Is it that when a form is updated, the auto response gets updated too?

    I really do not want auto response for certain forms.

  • gloverparkgroup

    I am not getting any link to the main form on my email. I just get to the Thank you page after I hit submit. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if there is another process in place to replace to be able to get a unique link to the main form.

  • Ebony Burroughs

    I have gone through all of the steps to ensure autoresponse is setup correctly but none of the replies are going to the recipient emails. I have tried posting the question to the forum but the once i click submit, the form data never seems to send.

  • Renato

    Sorry about my poor english.

    My question is :

    If person A finishes her submit (and this person is not the owner of the form), is it possible to send an automatic email for her, and if person B finishes it form, send and email just for B person?

    Is a kind of conditonal dependimg who is filling the form?


  • MovementandHealthSolutions

    I have set up the auto responder with a pdf attachement but the attachment was not sent in the test email. Will this be the case with the actual emails sent out? how do i fix this?

  • cheapo

    I have a publish form for example: 01) VEHICLE UN-LOCK @ HOUSE
    I want to send this lockout form to a particular driver in the field. Is there any type of widget that allows me to select any email address from a live form (publish) not from the back end (Build or Settings area).
    We are using these lockout forms for dispatching and intake only.
    I hope i explained myself and appreciate any type of help, ROBERT

  • lkwittenbraker

    Is there any way to customize the PDF Attachment, like customize spacing/formatting or add a logo of sorts?

  • paragonperformance

    So... this is an automated response from Jotform to the person filling in the form right? As opposed to Jotform is using my integrated autoresponder...??? I integrated I-Contact.

    I'm wondering why would I use both? Why use the jotform autoresponse at all?

  • YasminBomberka

    When I have more Recipient Emails
    all the email adresses are shown in the cc of the recieved email,
    how can I make sure, that those other emails are hidden and not to be seen for the other email receivers?

  • Adam

    Try the remail . We are satisfied with them

  • Adam

    I took advantage of your recommendations. And they helped me. But still have to learn) Thanks for the article.

  • jrstill

    I have done the same, i get the notification but the person who completed the form does not.

  • crystalpeaks

    I am pretty sure my autoresponder email is set up correctly, but those who fill out the form are not receiving their confirmation emails. How do I fix this?

  • amiramin32

    It is not working for me. I followed the instructions. I am getting an error message under Autoresponder1 ...
    Support --> "Missing Field"

    There is nothing under Receipts tab. How do I fix this?

  • leeandrea1

    I tried it with another person email and it worked. But it will not send any emails to the email addresses associated with my account. When I logged in today it told me my email was on a bounce list. I removed it but does that have anything to do with it?

  • leeandrea1

    Autoresponder is not working for my T-shirt order form. I'm not even receiving the test email. What am I missing?

  • betzler

    I have an Autoresponder email setup using the {email} field from my form. It seemed to work fine the first time, but now when I submit a second new form using the same email address I no longer receive the Autoresponder email. I've checked spam and junk folders. I checked the bounced email list in my account settings as well. Please help.

  • verticalidentity

    My auto responder is not sending to the email that is entered in the jotform. So in the main form, I added an email field, and that email form is the field that I am telling the auto responder to send to and its not working. Help!

  • lizacare

    Truely sorry!! Found the solution myself. I just deleted the auto responder I did not need. Apparently had it linked wrong myself :+)
    thanks anyhow…

  • lizacare

    I have two different forms and therefor two different auto responder emails. But for some reason, I cannot link the second auto responder to the correct form. Clients get the autoresponder for the other product. How can I link the correct auto responder to the correct form? Thanks!

  • letthelightin

    My Clients are completing a contract form. I want them to have a full copy of their completed form. I have large text boxes in my forms that explain copyright, print prices etc, but they are not competing anything. I want them to receive everything in the form. All I can see that they can get is the fields they complete or have to enter a value for.

  • pawsforliferescue

    I don't have anything in the toolbar that says EMAILS

  • aging2

    It seems the auto responder editing section has changed and i can no longer chose to send an edit link or PDF in the autoresponder?

  • JoshSetterfield

    Is there any way to embed a youtube video and soundcloud track into the autorespond email?

  • dweinapple

    It's all pretty straightforward except for one aspect of the RECIPIENTS section. Can I send a screenshot? If not, my questions is: for Recipient Email, the only options I see on the dropdown are "Please Select" and "Select Workshop Attended"

  • matsuicenter

    How do I set up different autoresponders to send for different forms?

  • vpacheco

    Como envío un email autoresponderes a mi cliente en la versión prueba, ya que solo me sale enviar tesy

  • vpacheco

    Necesito enviar una respuesta personalizada cuando alguien se registra en el formulario, de acuerdo a la información cargada en la lista decir en el cuerpo del mensaje quiera que se ponga de forma automática algunos campos llenados ¿Cómo hago para hacer eso. Yo probé una vez, pero no funcionó.
    Por otro lado, como hago para enviar el correo al cliente que no sea prueba

  • THRIVE_association

    I have created a form which already has several submission and only discovered the autoreply function later. Will the autoreply also be sent to the people who have already submitted the form or only those who will submit it in the future?

    And if that is the case, how can I send an email to all people who already submitted before I set the autoreply without sending them one by one? cheers

  • Milva

    I created some emails to be sent right away and other to be sent after few days after the submission. But then the choice is from 7 days to 14 days after, is there a way to choose in the middle? i can't choose a date because the submission is different for each person

  • ATimport

    Recipients listed are receiving an email every time the form is edited. That option is offered under one email option. How do you get the form to stop sending after every edit? Notification has the option but not the Auto-Responder

  • Ellen

    Can I attach a pdf in the autoresponder? Not a link to one but actually attach the file.

  • roattw

    Bummer about no more text only. We send to SMS which struggles with non text :^(

  • blueskycenter

    How do you create a form autoresponder with a receipt and custom confirmation number when a pending Stripe payment for a customer is completed through JotForm's submissions tab?


  • JorgePreciado

    Answered by JorgePreciado
    Muchas gracias por su ayuda compañeros, como se dan cuenta soy nuevo en esto, pero tengo una duda ya complete 100 registros, pero pense que al liberar espacio me dejaba seguir trabajando, este sistema no es free? alguien me puede ayudar por favor pues tengo estancado el reporte de ingreso del personal, o una opcion que me den por favor

    el ingreso de los trabajadores es por este link y me salñe que no tengo cuota , que hago o por otra pagina o algo que me puedan guiar mil gracias

  • balloonfitness

    I love the idea of the autoresponder. Is this a paid service or part of my current free service? Help?

  • jorge

    Gracias por tu ayuda pero lo que necesito es en el formulario cuando le doy click en estado y le selecciono PRESTAMO y el nombre ok? necesito que el formulario me informe despues de cierto tiempo que no me informe que no me han devuelto el prestamo

  • jmcauliff

    If several agents are using the form, is there a way of directing the copy of the form only to the specific agent submitting it as well as to myself?