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Award Forms

Having the right online form is the easiest way to collect nominations and votes for your organization's next award show or contest. JotForm makes the process easy by offering dozens of free, helpful award and contest online form templates.

Employee of the Month Voting Form

Human Resources Forms

Want to start an Employee of the Month Award Program? Try with this employee of the month voting form template. Useful for team leaders and senior managers looking to raise morale among their employees and provide recognition for hard work. Additionally, an employee of the month voting form is a way for employees to recognize their peers and offer praise. Customize your employee of the month voting form template to include any number of candidates or descriptions fields. Get started with our pre-made employee of the month form sample and customize it to meet your needs.

Awards Nomination Form

Award Forms

Anybody who runs an organization such as business organization, schools, sports clubs, community group or industrial corporations can use this awards nomination form. This award nomination template is designed for every member to give the opportunity to nominate a colleague or co-worker for recognition due to exemplary work, effort or other reasons by filling out and submitting this nomination form template. Nomination forms have a section that asks the nominee award choices, nominee information and the submitter's information. As an organizer, determining the right person who best exemplifies in all aspects is now easy peasy through this award nomination form.

Employee Nomination Form

Employment Forms

Nominations within a company is a great way to boost morale. And for these instances, an employee nomination form is the easiest way to gather votes. This employee award nomination form template will have fields that best describe the employee being nominated. An employee recognition form template should also contain questions that will highlight the accomplishments of the nominees as well as their strengths when working with a team. Use the best employee nomination form and keep those votes coming.

Scholarship Application

Application Forms

This is a really nice example of how an application form could be used to apply for a scholarship. This scholarship registration form provides to you collect basic information such as name, age, email, number, address. The applicants can answer some questions about their characters, happiness, confidence, greatest fear by using this scholarship form sample. They can specify their ecclesiastical leaders' name and email, their siblings' name and email, their educational teachers' name and email. They can upload their self-portraits and their lists of books.

Organization Awards Nomination Form

Award Forms

Do you plan to provide awards in your industry or organization? This form will help you get nominations easily.

Bridal Show Contact Form

Contact Forms

Use this simple bridal show contact form template if you are organizing a bridal show and expo in your city or town and invite wedding service providers into one event. This bridal show contact form would allow all engaged couple to reach you and inquire about the bridal show that you are hosting. This bridal show sign up sheet template can also be used by any couple to request organizers or event producers to set up a plan for their upcoming wedding. This bridal show sign in sheet is simple, it only asked for the couple's information, their ceremony date, and the venue.

Exhibition booking Form

Event Booking Forms

Do you own a travel agency or a business related to it? This form can be very useful !

Responsive Awards Nomination - Green Theme

Award Forms

Easily get customers vote for their nominee using this form. Any award winning competition might try out this Nomination Form with modern looking design and custom layout fields.

Award Application Form

Award Forms

This award application template is a great tool to select the suitability of project to win an award based on best professional practices, including integrability, durability, efficiency, quality. You can collect contact information and some answers that belong to project questions such as what efficiency strategies were incorporated into the project, what steps were taken to implement resource conservation practices into the project. Also, participants can upload files with this awards application form.

Responsive Awards Nomination

Business Forms

This form is extremely useful for business, education or any types of organization. It is deserving to give valuable awards for students, hard workers who are always top notch on their jobs and activities. Using this form, you can let the group or individuals send their nominees to whom they're voting for an honoring awards!

Entry Upload Form

Award Forms

Here's a Form that can be used to send and Upload for Entry into a Contest.

Polish Photo Contest

Contest Entry Forms

This form is a great example of how you can create a form to allow applications to be entered via a Photo Contest. The form is originally written in Polish.

Logo Competition Upload Form

Award Forms

This allows logo competition participants to enter their best designs for an award. Used also to collect participants contact information.

contest registration form

Event Registration Forms

If you are organizing a contest use this simple event registration form to get participants into the event. The form can be modified to fit the needs of any contest.

Golden Rule Award Nomination Form

Award Forms

This form allows members of an organization to nominate a member for a specific award from that organization. The form comes with a text box to explain why this person is deserving of the given award.

Award Entry Form

Award Forms

This form was used by the California Capital Chapter of PRSA to collect award entries for our annual program.

Award Nomination Form

Award Forms

Award Nominations form for District Dinner.

Award Forms

Plublicacion de anuncios en paginas de clasificados

ILEA NJ North Garden State Awards Submission Form

Award Forms

Awards Application Form for an industry association.

Research Travel Award Application

Award Forms

You can use this template if you are organizing an award for dissertation research event. Users who will be traveling and attending , can add personal expenses and additional information.

PTF Award Initial Nomination

Award Forms

For handling PTF Award nominations

Award Certificate Form

Award Forms

With Jotform’s Award Certificate Form Template, it is very easy for you to create professional award certificates for outstanding students, hardworking employees, and devoted team members. Simply enter the required details such as the name of the individual or group of persons receiving the award, the type of award being given, the institution, organization or department giving this award, the reason for the award, and the date of the award into the labelled spaces in the form. This form template is universal and serves an all-purpose function for creating any kind of award or certificate you desire. Use this template today.

Promotional Tour Reservation Form

Award Forms

Here is a unique Reservation Form using promotional offers.

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