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Referee Evaluation Form

Referee Evaluation Form

Evaluation performance form for any employee. Useful for any senior management or coordinator. Form Preview



  •  -  -
    Pick a Date
  •   Yes No
    Looked neat & well groomed?
    Appeared confident?
    Were first impressions good?
  •   Yes No
    Arrived on time?
    Field inspected?
    Equipment inspected?
    Pre-game procedures followed?
  •   Yes No Sometimes
    Accelerate when necessary?
    Recover from deep position?
    Appeared fit throughout the entire game?
    Kept up with play?
  •   Yes No Sometimes
    Kept cool under pressure?
    Was mentally prepared?
    Showed respect for players?
    appeared to enjoy?
  •   Yes No Sometimes
    Gave decisions promptly and firmly?
    Got play (re-)started quickly?
    Dealt with inquiries correctly?
    Was approachable?
    Maintained composure?
    Consistent in decision making?
  •   Yes No Sometimes
    Anticipated play and adjusted position?
    Kept lines person in view at all times?
    Acknowledged signals by lines person?
    Well positioned for set plays?
    Decisions clearly indicated by signals?
    Made best use of whistle?
  •   Yes No Sometimes Not Applicable
    Recognized "intent" correctly?
    Recognized misconduct correctly?
    Recognized serious foul play/violent conduct?
  •   Yes No Sometimes Not Applicable
    Asserted authority firmly?
    Recognized 1st fouls?
    Managed the wall correctly?
    Dealt with incidents correctly?
    Administered cautions and/or sendoffs correctly?
    Dealt with persistent infringement?
    Stopped encroachment immediately?
    Administered substitutions correctly?
    Dealt with time wasting correctly?
    Players accepted decisions?
    Made affective use of advantage?
  • Should be Empty: