Photo upload template

Photo upload template

Here is a simple photo upload form that you can use to collect photos of your form's respondents. This image upload template form also shows the list of requirements for an uploaded photo, along with the examples of good and bad photos. Customize this upload image template according to your needs and start collecting photos from your users today! Form Preview
Photo upload template Form Template | JotForm
  • TVI TV audience profile survey

  • Please upload 15 different self-portrait photos of yourself with the following requirement.

    1. Frontal face picture
    2. Under good illumination and clear background
    3. Slightly different facial expression
    4. Photo taken not too close to the camera
    5. No blurred images. Only clear photos are allowed
    6. No hat/mask or anything that will obstruct face
    7. If you wear glasses while watching TV, please also take a photo with same glasses

    The sample pictures are as shown below.
  • Good photos
  • Bad photos
  •    Too dark                 Does not look at camera          Too far

  •    Too blurred               Not a frontal face          Face is not at the center

  • Face is too close to the camera

  • Photo Upload

    (Please upload 15 photos of every TV audience members in your house in this form)

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  • Thank you very much for your time. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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