Alumni Employment Surveyclone of  2

Alumni Employment Surveyclone of 2

This form survey asks former students about their employment history, their work status and further education matters. Useful for recruiter in order to see the vocation of their candidate, or for learning institutions to learn how their graduates are doing. Form Preview
  • Hello!

    We’d like to check in and see how you’ve been since graduating MI. We want to be sure that you are aware of the great resources and opportunities offered here in the Career Development Office/Student Success Center.

    We are also required by the State of California to collect employment statistics from our most recent graduates, and report that information to them in the most precise way possible.

    We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill out these questions below - it will only take a few minutes. Please note: this information remains confidential and is only reported to the State of California as a pool of numbers and percentages. If you’d like to discuss this over the phone instead, please call Megan Doheny at 323.337.1062.

    It is very important to gather this information in a timely manner, so please respond to the questions below as soon as possible.

    Note: if you have more than one (1) job or position, please complete for each job including full- or part-time day jobs, private teaching, weekend gigs, etc. Even if you’re not currently in the music industry, we still want to know about your employment.

  • Please include the details for your main source of income in the music industry:

    • Click Here to add another source of income in the music industry.  
    • Click Here to add another source of income in the music industry.