Privacy Policy and Conditions agreement

Privacy Policy and Conditions agreement

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  • This policy provides clarification of the rights and duties of the academy site and affiliate sites and users. And it is committed to the protection of the (BBAIA's) Academy of privacy and to ensure your privacy. This shows our policy of our practice in dealing with your personal information in relation to data, whether on the Internet or on computers only. If you give us any personal information, we will deal with it according to this policy.

    This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided by the website of (BBAIA's) Academy, or one of its divisions.

    (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy does not assume any responsibility for the British International resulting from poor use of the site or its services or information provided on the site and you alone bear any damages or losses that may result from poor use of the site or its services or information provided therein.

    • Security and confidentiality of the information  
    • First: follow the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy of technical procedures , material and institutional appropriate to protect personal information against third party access is permitted , and illegal treatment , and loss or accidental damage , and destruction of others commissioner . But, cannot guarantee the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy of external parties that is delegated will not be able to breach these measures or use your personal information for improper purposes .

      Second: The (BBAIA's) Academy does not collect any information about you unless you do you participate in one of the services provided by the website of the Academy such as transmitter to a friend , fill the application form , fill out an application form book , contact the college , in addition question, add a comment , or other services that require that you provide us with your information .

      Third: The information you provide will be stored in a secret safe environment of our employees and our managers to take strict standards of commitment to this principle where adhere fully committed to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your use of our services.

    • Disclosure of information  
    • The basis of mutual trust with our customers , (BBAIA's) Academy is always keen on the privacy and confidentiality of personal information may be disclosure of such information only when requested from the Academy so legally. That such an act would be considered necessary or required to comply with the law or to protect or defend the rights or property or the Academy on this site , or where the user has the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy of information disclosure in the following cases :

      - To comply with any applicable law or regulation or any legal process or governmental request and enforceable .
      - Implementation of the applicable Terms of Service , including investigation of potential violations thereof .
      - The discovery of the problems of fraud, security or technical issues , or to prevent or address them in any other way .
      - Protection from any harm to the rights , property or safety of the site or its users or the public as required by international law or permitted by .
      - Considered all of the information published on this website as a last and latest information on the date of presentation , but he and circumstances beyond the control of the Academy there is the possibility of viewing information is up to date. In such cases will be considered academic policy and procedures relating to the International Board of the British copies are printed and published prevailing and applicable . So you do not have the right to establish a joint lawsuit against the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy or claim compensation for any damage to them or any loss caused to them , if any , as a result of their use of information or violation of the terms displayed on this website . The Board reserves the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy also reserves the right to make any changes to the site and its shape and all of its contents at any time and without notice .

    • Agreements with other parties  
    • In the case of entering into the process of merger, acquisition , or any form of sale of some or all of the assets of the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy , we will ensure keeping the confidentiality of any personal information involved in such transactions , as we will send a notice before the transfer of such personal information and subject to a different privacy policy

      of the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy to enter into partnership agreements and alliance and joint ventures or other arrangements ( and referred to as agreements ) with companies or centers or colleges or other universities with a worldwide reputation and has a stable position on the Internet.

      The main objective of these agreements is to take advantage of the value of adding other services to users of the website (BBAIA's) Academy Thus, any exchange of information between the Website (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy and between these actors will be in perfect harmony and will not conflict in any way or violate the privacy of correspondence and FYI . It also will board the British Academy International to take adequate precautions to ensure that these parties comply fully with the basic principles and fundamental institutional , and in particular those relating to the privacy of your information without your correspondence and you are entitled to access to the nature of these relationships.

    • Term of using for (BBAIA's) services  
    • First: You agree to prevent you from using the services of the website of the (BBAIA's) Academy when you one or more of the following :

      1 . Raise any contents banned or harmful , threatening, abusive , harassing, tort , defamatory , vulgar , obscene, defamatory or in breach of the privacy of others or hateful , or racially or ethnically or otherwise objectionable , or publish , or e-mailed ( Service E-Mail ) or transferred or otherwise made ​​available .
      2 . Impersonate any person or company , including without limitation, impersonating an employee of the (BBAIA's) Academy or the head of the international department or division or guide or host , or make a statement wrong or otherwise misrepresent your belongings to any person or any party .
      3 . Pharming or otherwise manipulate information in order to conceal the source of any content is used across services website of the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy.
      4 . Raise any content that does not have the right to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships ( such as inside information or the information is proprietary and confidential , which is science or disclosed as part of the relations of the employment or under agreements not to disclose ) , or published or mailed mail ( e-Mail service ) , transferred, or otherwise made ​​available .
      5 . Raise any contents violate any patent, trademark, trade secret or profession or property rights or other proprietary rights of any party , or published or sent by e-mail ( E-Mail Service ) , transferred, or otherwise made ​​available .
      6 . Raise any advertising or promotional materials not required or unauthorized .
      7 . Upload any material that contains software viruses or any other codes , files, or other computer programs designed to hinder any software or computer equipment or communications equipment , destroy or limit the operation of , or the publication of the articles mentioned .
      8 . Act in a manner adversely affect the ability of other users of the Services Website for the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy to participate in those services.
      9 . Intervention services in the website of the (BBAIA's) Academy or servers or networks connected to the website of (BBAIA's) Academy , or disabled , or disobey any requirements, procedures , policies or regulations of the network -related services, the website of (BBAIA's) Academy .
      10 . Provide material support or resources ( or conceal or disguise the nature of the material support or resources , location , source, ownership ) to any organization (s ) have been identified as a foreign terrorist organization , or an outlaw .
      11 . " Chase " of others , or otherwise harassed .
      12 . Collect personal data about other users of the Services Website of the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy , or stored.
      13 . Will be at the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy and designated by it the right to remove any Content that violates the TOS or is otherwise undesirable .

      Second: You acknowledge and agree that it is permissible for the (BBAIA's) Academy to intervene and disclose your account information and content if required to do so by law or in believing in good faith that the intervention or disclosure mentioned necessary reasonably to the following: (1) commitment to the process legal
      (2) the application of terms of service of the website of the (BBAIA's) Academy
       (3) respond to claims that any Content violates the rights of others
      (4) to respond to your requests for customer service
      (5) protect the rights of the website of (BBAIA's) Academy and its users and the public , property , or personal safety .

      Third: the commercial and personal services Website for the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy

      - You agree not to photograph any part of the services and documents Website and e-mail to the (BBAIA's) Academy or copied , sold or published or provided to third parties without the consent of the academic or exchanged or re- sell or exploit the services mentioned , or any use of it or access them for any commercial purposes , and are imposing strict penalties on it.
      - You agree that it is permissible for the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy , without prior notice , to terminate or limit the possibility of immediately logged on to its website, through any e-mail address of your own. Include the reasons for the termination or limitation of access or suspension , without limitation, the following:
      (A) breaches or violations of the Terms of Service or other agreements or guidelines covered
      (B ) requests by law enforcement agency or other government agencies
      (C ) Suspension of Services or any part thereof or amend articles where
      (D ) questions or technical problems or unexpected security
      (E ) extended periods of inactivity
      (F) To review the activities of fraudulent or illegal .

      - To all users to exercise good judgment with regard to the reasonableness of personal use .
      - To all users not to participate in any illegal activities such as admission to the assets of unauthorized access to , penetration, or causing hurt to enter the computers or the introduction of viruses , or do actions that would cause disruption in the use of assets .
      - All employees are aware of their responsibility regarding the protection of all assets owned by the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy and / or those that are in custody .
      - You must not use the information processing facilities for the purposes not related to work . In the case of the discovery of any operations gimmick , it will be dealt with according to the disciplinary action .
      - Should not transfer personal information or inform any other them.
      - Does not allow users , and under what circumstances the exchange of user names and passwords with each other .
      - Must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your user name and password to our services , and that are allocated and used safely .

      Fourth: prevents the use of the Academy for the following purposes
      - Send or download messages or pictures or malicious content- threatening or whatever resembles it.
      - Access to or upload or download or store information or pictures and pornographic sites .
      - Downloading or installing unlicensed software legally .
      - Download or use of information or material protected by intellectual protection systems .

      Fifth: You may not use e-mail services in the Academy

      - Commercial activities , unless the approval of the competent authorities about it at the academy.
      - Illegal activities and punishable by the system.

    • Protect passwords  
    • • Password not be less than the minimum length of the password (9) lettering or symbols
      • Password that consists of letters, numbers and symbols ( letters large and small numbers ) .
      • That does not include the name of the user password or any part of it .
      • Not be subject to password guess or a word from the dictionary ( English or other languages ​​other )
      • Have to change your password every 120 days .
      • Must act immediately to change the password in case there is any doubt fix and inform the director of the Department concerned.
      • When you get a problem in the calculation of your email you agree to the participation of the support team to help you with this problem is solved in order to rule out the arrest because of the activities associated with your account to your mail or being subjected to acts of pirvacy .

    • Share information and disclosure  
    • First, do not reveal the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy of your personal information or a combination of your personal information , demographic information or to your use of the website ( such as sections that you visit or services that go into them ) to others.

      Second, the right to board the British Academy International to reveal this information to companies and individuals who work with the academy, in order to carry out its functions , including corporations and individuals authorized to perform tasks on their behalf. For example, the server hosting location , data analysis , and provide marketing support , and employment assistance , and cooperation in education and research , and provide customer service . This will enable businesses and individuals to access your personal information whenever necessary in order to perform their duties .

      Third, as the right to board the British Academy International to share information collected anonymous private visitors to the site with its partners and other parties , so that they can identify and understand the types of visitors who enter the academy and how to use the site .

      Fourth, in the case of the Academy Board has contracted with British International external party to provide part of the information or services you have requested , shall be entitled to the Academy to provide your information to this party or that party is entitled to collect information from you on behalf of the Academy . The academy uses the British Board of international service providers trustworthy pledge to put appropriate security measures to ensure a reasonable level of protection. This will be made available to external parties access to personal information exclusively for the purposes of performing the services they were hired them.

    • Update your information  
    • If you register or job profile on the website , you can correct or amend information that you inserted at the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy at any time by contacting (BBAIA's) technical support team.
      If asked for the receipt of newsletters or other correspondence from the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy , but you change your mind later , you can opt out by clicking on the link " unsubscribe " at the bottom of e-mail alerts for e-news , or by sending an e-mail to technical support team Academy British international Board . If you by choosing not to receive these communications , you can choose later received messages through re-subscribe to news alerts via e- registration form to receive news updates .

    • Links to other sites  
    • Comprising the website of the Academy of links to external websites are available to facilitate the things you note that the (BBAIA's) Academy supports these sites that are ties bearing the scope of the academy, which is responsible for the content or privacy practices of their own, and we recommend that you review the privacy policies and terms of use that govern these websites when you visit.

    • Children  
    • Site is not directed to children under 14 years old, and it does not board the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy knowingly collect personal information from children under 14 years

    • Changes of Privacy Policy  
    • Academy Board British International Maintainsthe right to modify this privacy policy from time to time , and this will be amendments effective immediately upon posting on this website, by the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy , and if the (BBAIA's) Academy make any material changes to the method used by your personal information under the policy this privacy will be notified of these changes and you will be given an opportunity to object to this use of new or different . Guidance will be updates to this notice by " latest updates " the top of this page, so please review the privacy policy periodically to follow the updates or amendments , and continued use of this website after the publication of any amendments mean you accept these amendments .

    • Academy rules  
    • First: Applications and registration

      The application site through a formal request for academic , student and bear all special events presenting incorrect information , the student is committed to presenting official documents and supporting documents required by the jurisdiction in which it chose to complete the registration process .

      Second: Admission

      Committed to academic respond to applications within a maximum period of 21 days of acceptance or rejection or suspension , and the student agree to all the terms and policies of the Academy immediately send official documents, and is committed to the academic principle of rewarding opportunities without regard to religion , age, sex, race , and is regarded as the sequence of academic student and efficiency of scientific support for the possibility of acceptance.

      Third: The payment of fees

      Students are obligated to pay the fees incurred during a maximum period of 10 days from the date of maturity
       In the event of a student's progress for a scholarship must pay registration fees to scholarship.

      Fourth: Calculate the cumulative GPA

      Calculated the cumulative average for all decisions of credit hours taken by the student and most complete so far in the (BBAIA's) Academy , and by dividing the total points earned by appreciation for a unit of study on the total number of units studied . And identifies points estimate by multiplying the weight assigned to each estimate in the number of credit hours for the season.

      Fifth: Academic status

      The student must maintain a cumulative grade point average for a specified remains in good standing. Students who fall on average cumulative minimum cumulative rate subject to a period of monitoring to improve performance on or off , or they may have to re-examine any decision got the estimate is less than desired .

      Sixth: Academic probation and academic suspension

      The observation period under which the penalty Academy student who is at least average cumulative minimum required for a specific period of time to improve grade point average up to the rate required by  the British Academy .
      Stop the death Academy student is under the observation period did not improve cumulative GPA in the specified time frame and is separated from the academy because of poor academic performance . Student who is separated from a particular program for postgraduate studies at the Academy of the British Board will not be eligible for admission again in that particular program , but can apply for admission to another program for postgraduate studies that meet the requirements.

      Seventh: Dismissal Academic

      Students are separated after the legal proofs that are presented on the basis of the protocol is expected with the student at the beginning of the study , or a violation of the terms and the laws of the academy without notice , and so the student is granted an interview on the internet to attend a disciplinary council for submission of apology after the approval of the Academy to attend the Council.

      Eighth: The duration of the study and the arrest temporarily

      The period of study is determined by each academic program and the accompanying jurisdiction
      A student can study a temporary arrest in the case of a student's official request to the conditions of its own
      Detention period permitted a maximum of two years and separates the student if the delay of two years from the last chapter attended .

      Ninth: Refund

      A student may not recover fees after the beginning of the semester by the registrar , and can recover the fees paid in advance for more than a chapter in the case is dismissed or apologized for the completion of the study for one reason or another, or the temporary arrest of the study.

    • Cookies  
    • A cookie is a piece of information text-only website transfers to the hard drive in your computer's so that the website can recognize the identity , and uses this file to several technical purposes only , knowing you when you visit the site again , and follow your course current site and move between pages. It is not our goals be used for any other purpose unless there is a legal and a formal request to do so.
      As a reminder, you can reset your browser to reject the cookie , or your question before accepting a cookie ; However, it is possible to lose as a result some of the advantages of the site or its services.

    • Your acceptance of these conditions  
    • By using our site, you agree to this policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our website and you can make a request for withdrawal without being imposing additional fees, including fees paid to recover. Will be considered continued use of the site after the posting of changes to this policy, you agree to these changes.

    • Contact Info  
    • We welcome your comments about this Privacy Policy If you have any questions at any time about the privacy policy of the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy, please contact the technical support team for the (BBAIA's) British Board International Academy.

    • When you contact us  
    • Will be dealing with all data provided by you on the basis that they are confidential. Require models that are presented directly on the network to provide data that will help us to improve our site . Will use the data that is provided by you in answering all your questions, comments , or requests by this site or any of its affiliated sites.

    • Contact Us  
    • You can contact us when you need by clicking on the Contact Us on our site available in the transmitter or our links to our e-mail info domain name above



    • Finally  
    • The fears and interest on the confidentiality and privacy of data is a very important issue for us , We hope it will be achieved through this policy.

    • Last updated this policy in March 2014
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