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Organizing an event requires considering several items simultaneously. Whenever you would like to host an artist, a speaker or any other guest and services, you would have to clarify every single detail. Jotform’s Event Booking templates help you get organized and states all the details while hiring the services of an entertainer or a guest. You can easily edit and share the template with your fellow colleagues and others.

Free Movie Ticket

If you are planning to organize a movie block screening, group movie screening or maybe running a movie house and would like to give free movie tickets, then try this free movie ticket form. This free movie ticket form is commonly being utilized by movie houses or cinemas. The objective of this form is to guide and assist organizers or movie house owners in creating a simple and beautiful free movie ticket they can use and distribute to moviegoers. The form will just need basic information such as date of the movie, movie title, ticket number, seat number, start and end time. You can edit the form and add information or remove if you have to.

Event Booking Forms

Music Artist Booking Form

The Music Artist Booking Form allows you to collect artist booking information, promotional information, and other details.

Event Booking Forms

Concert Ticket Registration Form

An online Concert Ticket Registration Form which provides customers the ability to select their preferred set options, number of tickets and attain further information regarding the event.

Event Booking Forms

Entertainment Booking Form

Do you need an entertainment booking form template? You can serve as an invitation. Use this artist booking request form template to select an artist, describe the event, the venue, expected attendance and offer amount, among other fields.

Event Booking Forms

Event Facility Rental Agreement Form

Looking to rent out your venue for a party or event? Well, it’s party time — our Event Facility Rental Agreement Form can help you get the information you need. Simply sit down with your client, hash out details like rental period and costs, sign the form with e-signatures, and — voila! — you have all the information you need to rent out your space. Add your company logo, include photos of your venue, or choose a unique theme to personalize your form with our Form Builder. You can even accept online payments via secure payment gateways or sync with Google Calendar to organize events. Smooth out your facility rental process and keep better track of bookings with our Event Facility Rental Agreement Form. The only thing left to do is party!

Event Booking Forms

Event Booking

Looking to create a user-friendly event booking form, then look no further. Simplify the booking process with an event booking form that collects all relevant information for scheduling an event and is easy to use. With fully customizable forms, Jotform has you covered and it's free. Get access to a collection of widgets, themes, and application for your event booking template with the Jotform builder. Start building your form today by starting off with our event booking form example.

Event Booking Forms

Food Truck Hiring Event Form

A food truck hiring event form is a tool used by event organizers to collect information from applicants who wish to work at food truck events.

Event Booking Forms

Exhibition Booking Form

An exhibition booking form is used to allow a business or organization to arrange a booth or a stall at a trade show through a booking form on the organization's website.

Booking Forms

Prom Ticket Form

Prom only happens once in a lifetime. All high school students should enjoy this social and formal party where they can make great memories as classmates and friends. If you belong to the team that helps in managing a prom for your school, then you can use this incredible Prom Ticket Form Template. This form template contains fields that ask for the student's name, email, phone number, and email address. It also has a section where the student agrees to the terms and conditions of the event. This form template also uses the Unique ID widget to automatically generate a ticket number.

Event Booking Forms

Conference Reservation Form

This thorough form allows you to make a reservation of accommodation, providing check in and check out dates, but also to provide details on conference center utilization, audio-visual equipment needed, lodging and food.

Event Booking Forms

Event Request Form

An event request form is a form used by event organizers to collect information about event requests.

Event Booking Forms

Event Ticket Form

An event ticket form is used to track and sell tickets to an event and provide event information and details to attendees.

Event Booking Forms

Facilities Request Form

This form allows you to manage in a very efficient way the booking of your facilities. Provide contact information, name and dates of the events and how many people expected so enough chairs and tables can be requested. It also includes a link to an external form to the Tech Arts Request Form.

Event Booking Forms

Event Confirmation Form

A detailed event confirmation template that can be used to gather all necessary details regarding the event.

Event Booking Forms

Banquet Event Order Form

A banquet event order form is used to make and manage event bookings for events of a group of people. Use this template to customize according to your needs!

Order Forms

Venue Options Form

A Venue Options Form to be used for ideas on where to hold an event, choose the venue type, provide costs and payment information, select indoor and outdoor amenities and get the contact information of the Venue.

Event Booking Forms

Special Visitor Request Form

This visitor request form template is for all the visitors to log their information when requesting a special visit for their children who are in the health center. This visitors request form allows gathering name, organization, phone number, email, type of visit, description of the proposed event, event date, number of people attending information. In addition, the visitor can share additional comments or information with you.

Event Booking Forms

Conference Booking Request Form

The form can be used for conference booking requests. It includes another category like ordering/reserving menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Event Booking Forms

New Vendor Setup Form

For vendors who will purchase a vendor booth or table at an event.

Event Registration Forms

Graduation Ceremony RSVP Form

A graduation ceremony RSVP form is a document used by organizers and hosts to collect and manage RSVPs for an event — most often, a graduation ceremony.

RSVP Forms

Speaker Booking Form

This speaker booking form template is designed for presenters to book and get a reservation for the conference. If you are running a speaker conference event, use this sample speaker booking form for the presenters to submit their personal details and the topics and issues they are going to present at the event. This will allow the event organizer to organize things ahead for the event to be more productive and successful.

Event Booking Forms

Nick Baldwin Booking Form

This is a form for artist where anyone or your clients can contact you for your services like would serve as event guest speaker, musical performance, panel discussion and etc.

Event Booking Forms

Catering Booking Form

With this Catering Booking Form Template, you can now easily create your catering booking form. This is because Jotform provides you with a powerful tool you can use for easy design. This tool is the Form Builder. The most exciting thing about the builder is that you do not have to code. All you need to do is to drag and drop element. The Catering Booking Form Template captures all the fields you will likely need. However, you can add more fields if you so wish. You no longer have to spend time designing anymore. Use this template today and let the catering booking begin.

Event Booking Forms