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Petition forms are used by nonprofit organizations and charities to collect petition signatures online. With Jotform’s selection of free Petition Form templates, you can easily receive digital signatures from your supporters to help further your cause. Just customize a form template to match your organization, embed it in your website or share it on social media with a link, and watch as new contact information and e-signatures are sent securely to your Jotform account — protected with a 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR compliance, and CCPA compliance. You can even convert submissions into PDF documents automatically, or send notification emails to users with an autoresponder.

Boost engagement by uploading your logo and a photo of your team, adding form fields to collect additional information, or changing colors to personalize the design of your chosen Petition Form template. You can also connect your custom Petition Form to 100+ apps to automatically add new contacts to your CRM or track signatures in your spreadsheet software, or even integrate with a trusted payment gateway like Square, Stripe, or PayPal to accept donations at the same time. With a custom online Petition Form collecting e-signatures for you, you can easily get the support you need in order to advance your cause.

Online Petition Form with E-Signature

Start a petition to change the world! With this online petition form, you can let people electronically sign the petition that you are running with a mouse. Also, you can use HTML Reports to embed the signatures of this electronic petition on your site as well. Use this online petition template and let other people sign & join your petition with an ease!

Petition Forms

Online Petition Maker | Petition Form

Here is a simple online petition maker form that is perfect for embedding using the Form Generator WordPress Plugin. If you are a petition creator, you can generate petitions with this form in a very easy way. You can collect all the necessary information for a user to join a petition by using this form. Just customize this petition generator form according to the petition that you are running, and start receiving responses today!

Petition Forms

Petition Signup Form

A very simple easy to use petitioning and signup form.

Petition Forms

Tax Client Intake Form 2022

A tax client intake form is a form used by tax accountants to collect information from potential clients.

Tax Forms

Online Petition

Get followers to your online petition with this form for a better cause.

Charity Forms

Candidate Petition

Let voters nominate candidates for the upcoming election online. Collect voter information and e-signatures. Easy to customize, embed, and integrate. No coding.

Petition Forms

Online Petition Signing Form

Form with two column, logo and form fields which can be customized on the form builder. This form is mobile ready, it is designed to work on mobile device. It's design is seamless. It has e-signature widget too.

Petition Forms

Sign-On Letter Form

A Sign-On Letter Form allows organizations to provide their name, group and participation information.

Petition Forms



Petition Forms

Petition Form for Road Improvement

Petition Form for Road Improvement is a form that is used for collecting signatures and comments from your community for roadwork services.

Petition Forms

Legal Form for Petitioning

A legal petition is a document used to petition a court or authority on a legal matter. You can use this free Legal Form for Petitioning to collect information digitally and make the process easier!

Legal Forms

SGA Senate Petition Template Round 2

Colgate University 2020-2021 Senate petition (for due date: 9/25)

Petition Forms

Request for Attorney Representation

A request for attorney representation form is used to request legal representation from a lawyer. No coding is necessitated. Easy to use.

Legal Forms

Child Care Provider Information

A child care provider information form is used by teachers, day care providers, and other employers to collect information about employees.

Petition Forms

Advance Child Tax Credit Form

Use this free Advance Child Tax Credit Form on your website to let parents claim a tax credit for their child’s education.

Tax Forms

Support SB 224/ HB701 for Texas Seniors

Advocacy Form for advocates to submit letters of support to Texas House Members

Petition Forms

Legislative Form

Form for legislative affairs.

Petition Forms

Sick & Family Leave Credit Due Diligence Form

A sick & family leave credit due diligence form is a form used by financial institutions to check a borrower’s sick and family leave credits.

Banking Forms

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These templates are suggested forms only, do not use these forms to submit a notice or a legal request to Jotform. If you're using a form as a contract, or for some other purpose with legal implications, we recommend that you do your homework to ensure you are complying with applicable laws and that you consult an attorney before relying on any particular form.