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Introductory Questionnaire Sheet for Websites

Introductory Questionnaire Sheet for Websites

An in-depth questionnaire about the building and marketing of websites. Form Preview
  • Introductory Questionnaire Sheet – Websites

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    Pick a Date
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    Try to answer as many relevant questions on this sheet and send it back. With the answers to these questions, we should be able to get a good picture of what you want on your site. Something that will fit your needs or the needs of your current and potential customers.

    • Section One  
    • Point of Contact

      Your Project Manager
    • Corporate Vitals Information

      How someone would contact your company
    •  -
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    • Section Two  
    • Domain Names and Hosting

      Who you want to be known as...
    • Site Research

      Answer as many questions as you can to help mold your site.
    • Section Three  
    • User goals

      Building the user experience by knowing their wants and needs.
    • Target Audience

      Who should come to see you?
    • Secondary Audience:

      Whe else could use your site?
    • Contact  
    • Product Manager:

      Company Contact(s) Information for web decisions:
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    • Other Contact Information

    • Should be Empty: