New Mentee Questionnaire

New Mentee Questionnaire

To be used by organizations with volunteer programs, counselors, therapist, psychologists etc. Form Preview
  • New Mentee Questionnaire

  • General Information

  •  -
  • 1. Where do you *see* yourself in life in:

  • (Think both material and spiritual "career" - education/job/ashram/Service/<wbr>location</wbr>/initiation/other. For e.g.

    1 year: graduate, full time job, take shelter, organize outreach programs in Toronto

    5 years: married, initiated, relocated and settled in Chicago

    25 years: early retired, relocated to Mayapur, fulltime service)

  • 2. Please share ONE:

  • 3. "My Mentor is NOT my __________":

  • 4. Please DEFINE "Mentor" in your own words (1-2 sentence max)

  • 4. list THREE benefits (other than "recommendation for Initiation") that you expect from signing up for this Mentorship Program

  • 4. Which of the above 5 questions you found the hardest to answer? Please explain why.

  • Should be Empty: