Online Will Writing Questionnaire

Online Will Writing Questionnaire

A questionnaire for will writers and solicitors to take client's instructions. This asks basic questions relating to the persons information, their family and assets. If you offer the same services for your customers, feel free to clone this form. Form Preview
  • How to complete the questionnaire

    Welcome to our online Will Writing Questionnaire. You are about to answer some basic questions relating to yourself, your family, and assets. If you need to provide us with further information, please write this down in the 'Additional Information' at the end of this form. When you are finished simply click 'submit', and one of our Will Writers will be in contact with you shortly.

    We will then prepare a Draft Will for your review, absolutely free.

    Alternatively, please feel free to call our Will drafting team and they can take your instructions over the phone: 01273613931.

    • Section 1: Your Personal Details  
    • Section 1: Your Personal Details

    • Section 2: Your Spouse/Partner  
    • Section 2: Your Partner's Details

      This section collects the basic information about your spouse/partner. This will help us to form a better picture of your family and your present circumstances.
    • Section 3: Your Children  
    • Section 3: Your Children's Details

    • Child 1

    • Child 2

    • Child 3

    • Child 4

    • Child 5

    • Section 4: Guardianship  
    • Section 4: Guardianship

      Guardians are persons who you can appoint to look after your children. Please be aware that the appointment of guardians will not necessarily be agreed with by the courts if contested. It is however, highly likely to be respected when making the final decision.
    • Section 5: Your Assets  
    • Section 5: Your Major Assets

      We need to understand the size of your Estate and the types of assets that you have. Please list your major assets of notable worth, such as your property, savings, shares, ISAs, bonds, cars, and please state an estimate of the total value in the boxes below: Start with the most relevant first. Click 'Save and Add Row' to add more assets.
    • Inheritance Tax

      The more precise the values of your assets you can provide us, the easier it will be to determine any inheritance tax liability on your estate. 

      Everyone's estate can have potential Inheritance Tax liability. However, a certain portion is taxed at 0%. This is known as the Nil Rate Tax Band (NRT). It is also possible for a surviving spouse/partner (widow) to retain the NRT of the deceased spouse/partner. If we feel that your combined estates may be greater than the NRT, we will contact you to discuss the options available to you.

    • Section 6: Your Executors  
    • Section 6: Your Executors

      An executor is the person or organisation responsible for ensuring that the instructions contained in your Will are carried out when you die. They are required to identify the size of your estate and understand if you have any debts.
    • It is advised that you choose at least two executors who you feel you can trust and who can cooperate. Your executors will be responsible for registering your death, arranging your funeral and expenses, dealing with any debts to your estate and distributing your assets according to your Will. It is very much essential that your intended executors are willing to act. Please be advised that executors much older than yourself are not ideal candidates to be your executors and pose a practical risk. Therefore please ensure that your executors are of a similar age or are within a reasonable age to yourself.

    • Section 7: Funeral Arrangements  
    • Section 7: Funeral Arrangements

      This section allows you to express your wishes regarding what you would like to happen to your body after you have died. Please be aware that the Will will not be read until you pass away. We recommend that you discuss your funeral arrangements with your family during your lifetime.
    • Section 8: Gifts and Legacies  
    • Section 8: Gifts and Legacies

      Please remember that beneficiaries cannot receive their inheritance from a Will in England, Wales and Northern Ireland until they are 18.
    • Letter of Wishes

      Do you want to leave a letter of wishes alongside your Will stating your individual wishes? A letter of wishes is a personal letter that you may leave with your executors with specific guidance on how the estate should be distributed. Please note there is no obligation on your executors to follow this document. The letter of wishes is stored with the Will, but never attached to it.

    • Pecuniary legacies/gifts of money

      A specific gift of money can be included in a Will. Money cannot however, be included in a Letter of Wishes.
    • Items/objects/chattels

    • Animals/pets

    • Property

    • Charitable Donations

    • Section 9: The Residual Estate  
    • Section 9: The Residual Estate

      The residue of your estate is the remainder after everything is paid out, ie: gifts of money. For most of our clients, this is the bulk of their estate.
    • Section 10: Alternative Beneficiaries  
    • Section 10: Alternative Beneficiaries

      In the unlikely event that none of your above chosen persons cannot or will not take their share of your estate, please state alternative people to receive your estate instead. These could be for example, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, close family friends, or charitable organisations. We recommend that you provide the details of at least two alternative beneficiaries below:
    • Section 11: Additional Requirements  
    • Section 11: Additional Requirements

    • Section 12: Additional Information  
    • Section 12- Additional Information

    • Section 13: Signature  
    • Section 13- Signature

    • Should be Empty:
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