Healthcare Surveys

20 Templates

Get to know your patients with free online Healthcare Surveys from Jotform. Once you choose a template below to use as-is or customize to your liking, you can share or embed it in seconds to start collecting responses on any device. All form data is securely stored in one centralized account, easy to access by your team when needed.

Customize the design by adding your practice’s logo and colors, update survey questions, and automatically send submissions to 100+ other platforms — all without coding! You can also upgrade to enable HIPAA compliance and keep patient data protected. Switch from messy paper surveys to powerful online Healthcare Surveys that can be filled out on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

COVID 19 Vaccine Survey

Get to know how people feel about the new COVID-19 vaccine with a custom online survey. Easy to personalize, embed, and share. Option for HIPAA friendly features.

Coronavirus Response Forms

Health Survey

A health survey is a questionnaire used by medical professionals to collect information about their client’s health.

Medical Surveys & Questionnaires

Health Challenges Survey

Here's a great way to create a medical form to be used as a survey for a Healthcare Assessment.

Medical Surveys & Questionnaires

Mental Health Survey

Conduct mental health assessments with this free survey template for businesses, schools, and more. Easy to customize and fill from any device. No coding.

Medical Surveys & Questionnaires

Patient Health Questionnaire And Generalized Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire

A free Patient Health Questionnaire and Generalized Anxiety Disorder questionnaire is an excellent tool for getting everything you need in one convenient place! Accessible through any mobilde device. Fully customizable.

Medical Surveys & Questionnaires

Healthcare Employee Satisfaction Survey

A healthcare employee satisfaction survey is a questionnaire used by managers to take the pulse of the workplace. Easy to use. No coding.

Medical Surveys & Questionnaires

Health Product Satisfaction Survey

Compile valuable feedbacks and suggestions about the health product by using this Health Product Satisfaction Survey. This survey contains all necessary questions in gathering essential data from the users.

Satisfaction Surveys

Insomnia Questionnaire

An Insomnia Questionnaire is a questionnaire used by healthcare providers to assess the quality of their patients’ sleep. Whether you’re a doctor or work at a sleep clinic, an Insomnia Questionnaire template.

Survey Templates

Wellness Survey

A wellness survey form is a questionnaire used by wellness clinics, health care providers, and health insurers to collect patient health data. Improve the wellness and overall health with Jotform.

Health Coach Forms

Patient History Questionnaire

Need a patient history questionnaire? Use this Patient History Questionnaire form template for free here in Jotform!

Healthcare Forms

Complementary Alternative Therapy (CAM) Use Survey

A complementary alternative therapy (CAM) use survey is a questionnaire used by medical professionals to track the use of alternative therapies. Use Jotform to collect survey results easily!

Healthcare Forms

Mental Health Quiz

A Mental Health Quiz is a tool designed to assess and screen for potential mental health concerns, providing individuals with a preliminary self-evaluation of their mental well-being.

Healthcare Forms

Diabetes Foot Exam Form

A diabetes foot exam form is used by medical personnel to collect information about the health condition of the patient.

Healthcare Surveys

Health Appraisal Questionnaire

A Health Appraisal Questionnaire is a survey designed to collect information about an individual's health status, lifestyle, and medical history.

Healthcare Surveys

Referring Clinician Survey

A referring clinician survey is a questionnaire used by medical services to gather contact info for new patients.

Survey Templates

COVID 19 Customer Consent Form

A COVID-19 customer consent form is a document collected by medical organizations to ensure that customers understand the risks of COVID-19 and that they are willing to help the organization.

Coronavirus Response Forms