Private Swim Lesson Registration Form

Private Swim Lesson Registration Form

Get customers registration information about the swimming lesson they want by easily filling up this swim lesson registration form template. This is similar to booking form where customers can get it to touch with their instructor, select lesson type and which particulars on swimming they get interested. This swimming registration form includes contact information and staff signature. Participants can select their private lessons by using this swimming registration form template. Form Preview
  • Private Swim Lesson Registration

  • Thank you for your interest in private/semi-private lessons. Once we receive this form, we will match you up with an instructor that fits your needs and preferred times.This process can take up to 2 weeks.

  • Select lesson type (Choose 1 of the 4 below)
  • *Participants are responsible for enrolling all individuals of a semi-private lesson. We are not able to match schedules or ability levels on behalf of participants.

    The Swim Department is not able to match schedules, goals or ability levels on behalf of participants.
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  • If enrolling other individuals for semi-private lessons, list their info below:

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