Process Request Form-UNCC UA

Process Request Form-UNCC UA

This process request form is used to expedite our internal approval process of reimbursements and other payments made by our Administrative Assistants. Form Preview

  • Welcome to the the Process Request Form(PRF). The PRF was created as a central location to submit all financial documents for approval, request processing of Journal Vouchers and Interdepartmental Invoices, other forms, ask questions or for help. It the Operations Office hope that a streamlined process will expedite payments, reimbursements, improve communication and save everyone time.

    In this online form you can locate forms on the Financial Services website, create an Interdepartmental Invoice, request a Journal Entry to correct an accounting error, request approval on all direct pay request(DPR) & reimbursement forms, ask questions and request information in general.

    Please note all Director forms and other forms requiring original supporting documentation and original signatures need to be sent directly to Cleo in the Operations Office.


    FORMS: The most current versions of all the forms used by Financial Services for reimbursements, payments and access forms are housed at Financial Services Forms. Examples of the most common forms are Direct Pay Requests(DPRS), Travel Authorization, Travel Reimbursement and Mileage Reimbursements.

    INTERDEPARTMENTAL INVOICE: Located on the S Drive: ua>Dept Admins>Admin Folder>Interdepartmental Invoice - UA or click on this link IDI Invoice. This IDI Interdepartmental Invoice is specific to our division and will be used when one department charges another department for goods or services. The process is to create the IDI invoice for good or service, assign your fund/account code, then have the charged department fill out the Fund number, Account Code and sign off with Approval. Select "Process Indepartmental Invoice", attach a signed IDI invoice in PDF format and submit using this form.

    JOURNAL ENTRY: Journal Entries or all correcting entries to a transaction error are to be requested using this form. Fill out the form below, note the funds to be corrected, select "Process Journal Voucher" and attach a PDF copy of the Banner screen where the original error was made, submit.

    POLICIES: UA policies and procedures are located on the S Drive: ua>division>Operations Manual. Travel, AP and Purchasing policies on the Financial Services website. University policies are located on UNCC Office of Legal Affairs website and you can also you can find information in the policies on the appropriate use of funds/Policy Statement #601.8.



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    In the Document Type dropdown below select the type of process you are requesting.  Your options are Approving, Processing, Submitting, Asking a Question, Requesting a Signature or Other.




    Request forms and supporting documentation need to be in complete file PDF format.  One request form per attachment.  If submitting multiple documents use separtate attachments.

    Other documents can be sent in their original format; Excel, Word, Snag it, etc.




  • Your PRF will be delivered via email and after your documents will be reviewed within two business days.  You be notified if additional information is needed or they are approved.  Once approved please forward your original document to Travel & Complex Payments in Reese 3rd Floor or to the appropriate department in Financial Services.

    Any questions or updates on the status of your approval, please contact:

    Teri Miller  Ext 7-5525

    Cleo Widmaier  Ext 7-8524


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