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A photography release form is a signed agreement between a photographer and a client that outlines how certain photos can be used, who can use them, and the terms and conditions regarding copyrights. As a photographer, make sure you have permission to use your photos by getting signed Photo Release Forms prior to the photo shoot — with our free online form templates, you can quickly gather the information you need. And if you link your chosen form to a PDF template, you can automatically convert photography release form submissions into professional PDF documents, easy to download or print for your records.

It’s so easy to customize your chosen Photo Release Form template, you won’t even need to master the rule of thirds to do it! Use our simple drag-and-drop interface to outline specific terms and conditions, add your logo, and change the background image for a personal touch. You can also capture electronic signatures, set up an autoresponder, or integrate with third-party apps such as Google Drive, Slack, Salesforce (also available on Salesforce AppExchange), or Airtable for an extra productivity boost. With our selection of free online Photo Release Forms, you can improve the way you gather and organize photography release forms in a snap!

Social Media Photo Release Form

Gain more followers and likes by sharing good-quality photos of your work. You can give this Social Media Photo Release Form to your clients allowing you to share the photos you've taken with them.

Photo Release Forms

Photo Waiver Release Form

In the case of the subject being a minor, the form immediately converts to acquiring the consent of the parent. Use this flexible template for your photo waiver release form consent gathering.

Photo Release Forms

Photography Model Release

Get permission from models to publish their photos. Collect signatures online with this free photography release form. Easy to customize and share. No coding.

Photo Release Forms

Photo Print Release Form Template

Give freedom to your clients by allowing them to print the capture photos using this Photo Print Release Form Template. This agreement provides permission to the client to print the materials.

Photo Release Forms

Model Release Form

A model release form is a document a person or company uses to give permission for a person to use the image for commercial purposes.

Photo Release Forms

Model Release Agreement

Model Release Agreements are legally binding contracts between a model and a business that give permission for the model’s likeness to be used in marketing materials or for commercial purposes. No coding!

Photo Release Forms

Photo And Video Release Form

Coordinate with your client on how the materials will be used by using this Photo and Video Release Form. This template will help you create a release agreement quickly and accurately.

Photo Release Forms

Legal Photography Contract

Form are used for an agreement on the photography session and purposes of this Agreement, a no-shall shall be deemed as the Client not arriving to the session within 15 minutes of the agreed upon time as listed in this Agreement.

Consent Forms

School Photo Release Form

This School Photo Release Form is a quick acquisition of consent from parents for the release of photographs of a child for the school's use for purposes they may need.

Photo Release Forms

Magazine Model Release Form

A magazine model release form is used by photogs to secure permission from models featured in magazines, newspapers, and billboard advertisements. Use this free Magazine Model Release Form sample to quickly gather model information and get signed release forms before sending photos to your clients.Easily personalize this sample Magazine Model Release Form to match your style — and use our free Form Builder if you need help! Add your logo, change background images, or update font colors for a professional, polished design. You can even email the signed release forms to your clients or store them in your other accounts, easily.

Advertising Forms

Media Release Form

A media release form lets you collect and store information related to press releases and media releases. Focus on your next press release without worrying about losing a single piece of important information with Jotform!

Consent Forms

Permission To Use Photo Release Form

Protect your photography company from copyright infringement by using this Permission to Use Photo Release Form. This serves as a legal document between the owner of the photos (releasor) and the company (releasee).

Photo Release Forms

Daycare Photo Release Form

This Daycare Photo Release Form template is a simple, yet effective template for setting photo release agreements between parents and the daycare center. This Daycare Photo release Form Template lets daycare centers acquire immediate consent from parents in a paperless manner by allowing the receipt of consent online. Make use of this Daycare Photo Release Form template for your needs in your daycare center business.

Photo Release Forms

Photography Copyright Release Form

A Photography Copyright Release Form is a legal form normally drafted by the copyright owner for the recipient of the photo authorizing the latter to copy and use the photo for certain purposes.

Photo Release Forms

Patient Photo Release Form

Go paperless and immediately store your consent to your records. Use this Patient Photo Release Form template and get your photo release consent from patients immediately!

Photo Release Forms

Commercial Photo Release Form

This Commercial Photo Release Form template is a quick form that sets in detail the information that is needed for the agreement to be effective, clear, and simple.

Photo Release Forms

Employee Photo Release Form

Gather approval from your employees by using this well-designed Employee Photo Release Form so that their photos taken in the office while working can be used for marketing and branding purposes.

Photo Release Forms

Photo Release Form For Minors

Protect the privacy and the rights of the minor or child by using this Photo Release Form for Minors. This form is used to gain permission from the parent or guardian on how the photos will be used.

Photo Release Forms

Consent Of Media Release

A media release form is used when a company, organization, or individual is releasing information to the media. Get this template for free!

Informed Consent Forms

Church Photo Release Form

The form contains elements for the description of the photographs to be used, the limitations and restrictions of the authorization and the age of consent information.

Photo Release Forms

Client Photo Release Form

This Client Photo Release Form template allows you to set your agreements with your client in securing consent in acquisition of license to the use of photographs involving your client.

Photo Release Forms

Actor Release Form

Protect the production company from any copyright issues related to the talents by using this Actor Release Form template. This form template is complete, customizable, and easy-to-use.

Photo Release Forms

These templates are suggested forms only. Before using this or any form as a contract or other legal document, please consult with an attorney to make sure it meets the legal needs or your situation. Do not use this form to send a legal request to Jotform.