DWCSJ Evaluation Form Form Preview
  • Basic Education Guidance Office
  • Senior High School Faculty Evaluation

    DIRECTION: To evaluate your teacher, please read each statement about his/her attributes and performance. Use the rating scale that corresponds to your opinion.


  •   Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Fair Unsatisfactory
    1. Has knowledge on the subject matter
    2. Has mastery of the subject
    3. Has the ability to integrate related subjects
    4. Discusses up-to-date information that relates to the subject matter
    5. Is familiar with the needs and problems of the local community
    6. Is prepared with his/her lesson
    7. Has adequate background materials and experiences to enrich his/her teaching resources.
    8. Has command of the language of instruction and fluency of expression.
    9. Organizes and presents subject matter using clear and concrete practical examples.
    10. Provides course outline and lists of textbooks and references
    11. Gives clear assignments and test questions.
    12. Returns corrected test papers promptly.
    13. Asks questions necessary to develop higher order thinking skills.

  •   Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Fair Unsatisfactory
    14. Is prompt in reporting to class
    15. Is regular in class attendance
    16. Makes use of the whole period of class activities
    17. Effectively maintains classroom discipline
    18. Encourages class participation like recitation, solving exercises, board work and the like.
    19. Encourages development of the right attitudes and virtues and conducts sense of responsibility in the students.
    20. Creates a classroom atmosphere conducive to asking questions freely.
    21. Welcomes students' questions

  •   Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Fair Unsatisfactory
    22. Has the ability to maintain and draw respect from the students.
    23. Is fair in rating student's written work and performance.
    24. Inspires students to study more and to be more interested in the subject.
    25. Promotes smooth student-teacher interpersonal relationship in the classroom.
    26. Manifests sympathetic, friendly and helping attitude inside and outside the school campus.
    27. Possesses a sense of humor and cheerfulness.
    28. Is even tempered
    29. Is poised and self-confident
    30. Has available time for student consultation and assistance.
    31. Has a well-modulated voice.
    32. Has a pleasing personality.