STT - Supervisor Confirmation Form

STT - Supervisor Confirmation Form

This is a form that the supervisors of student volunteers can use to verify their work with the faculty sponsor of the volunteer program. It has been designed to work with Service Time Tracker. Form Preview
  • Supervisor Confirmation Form for Student Volunteer Work

  • Thank you for supervising a (Your School and Program) student on a volunteer engagement. We ask you to fill out this form to acknowledge the information provided by the student was honest and accurate. Please answer the following questions, add any comments on the student's performance if you would like, and sign your name. Thanks again!

    (Your Name)

    (Your Title)

  • Please sign the form to confirm with your signature that the student worked the hours and performed the work indicated on the confirmation form you received. If you made any corrections, your signature will confirm the student's work as indicated by you on this form.

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