Team Prototyping Service Request Form (TEAM)

Team Prototyping Service Request Form (TEAM)

This is a service request form about 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser cutting works. You can use this form if you are on 3D printing business. Form Preview
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    Please use this form for TEAM prototyping services when directly affiliated with UC
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    • We opperate at-cost, with the following established rates:

      Assisted Use (time where Engineer assistance required): $9/ quarter hour

      0.5 Hour minimum for 3D printing and PCB requests

      1 Hour minimum for machining and laser cutting

      Unassisted Use (machine use time): $3/ hour

      Printer Materials:

      $5/10 grams of basic Polyjet printing build material, or SLA material 

      $7/10 grams of Polyjet bio-compatible translucent material

      $3/10 grams of Polyjet support material

      $4/10 grams of FDM material (PLA, Nylon, ABS)

      3D Scanning:

      $3/ quarter hour of unassisted use

      $9/ quarter hour of assisted use

      Laser Cutting Materials (0.5 square foot minimum):

      $12/sqft of 1/8 inch Acrylic

      $15/sqft of 1/4 inch Acrylic, or 18G Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

      $20/sqft of 3/8 inch Acyrlic (inqure for availibility), or 1/8 inch Delrin

      $30/sqft of 1/2 inch Acrylic (inqure for availibility), or 1/4 inch Delrin

      PCB (Printed Circuit Board:

      $7/square foot of copper-clad FR4 (2oz double sided, 59mil thick)

      $25/ THP treatment (inqure for availibility)

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