Telesummit Producers Course Template- Speaker General Info 2

Telesummit Producers Course Template- Speaker General Info 2

Are you hosting a telesummit? Use this form to collect the information of your participants presentation, their ideas, area of expertise and their promotional materials to be used on the live event. Form Preview
  • Contact Info

  • About You

  • Your Presentation

  • Product Info

  • Promotion Information

  • I am sorry I have to be so explicit, I know most of you know what a solo is, but you would be surprised, there is always at least one person who thinks it's okay to put a mention in a long newsletter, at the end of a long article about something else, or add in links to other events/products in the email. Seriously, you woudln't believe how often! But I have tested it many many times, and solos with one topic and one type of link convert the best, and I want all speakers to get maximum exposure, which is why this is a requirement.

  • Speaker Agreement
    OPENS IN NEW TAB: Please click on this link Name of Summit Speaker Release  to sign (with your mouse) the speaker release for this event. You will still need to come back to this tab and hit submit.

    IMPORTANT:  You must come back to this page and hit submit for me to get this information. The speaker agreement is a separate form and only submits the agreement.

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