Meeting Attendance Form

Meeting Attendance Form

This meeting attendance form is a waiver of attendance for missing a board of directors meeting. If you're planning an important meeting, you can use this board meeting attendance sheet template for the attendee to submit their availability of the meeting or explain if they not able to attend. This meeting attendance sheet template asks basic questions like the date of the meeting, full name and the reason why the attendee can't join the meeting. Having this form, it is easier to a generate board meeting attendance sheet by downloading the submissions into excel format. Form Preview
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  • The undersigned, being a Director of the Board, hereby agrees and consents that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Corporation will be held on the date specified below.

  • The meeting shall be held at 4777 Freeport Way, Denver, Colorado 80239, which is the current residence of a member of the Board of Directors, President Matthew Osmun, and the current residence of the Executive Director, Christopher Judge.  The undersigned hereby waives all notice whatsoever of such meeting and of any adjournment or adjournments thereof.

    The person signing below also with this document proclaims their absence from such meeting, with explanation for their absence written below.  In so signing, the individual whose name appears below waives any right or privilege to engage in the activities recorded in the minutes of the Regular Meting of the Board of Directors listed above.  By signing below, the undersigned certifies that they are waiving their participation in the meeting, but will still be held responsible for any and all actions taken by the Board of Directors at this Regular Meeting.

    We do further agree and consent that any and all lawful business may be transacted at such meeting or at any adjournment or adjournments thereof as may be deemed advisable by the Directors present. Any business transacted at such meeting or at any adjournment or adjournments thereof shall be as valid and legal as if such meeting or adjourned meeting were held after notice.

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