Wedding Event Plan Questionnaire

Wedding Event Plan Questionnaire

If you are a wedding planner you need to think every single detail to satisfy the wedding owners So you need to collect lots of information about every single wedding planning request since every wedding is special. Collecting informations is now so easy through the internet so you may be searching for a wedding planner questionnaire for bride and groom. If so, we recommend you to check this very detailed wedding planning questionnaire template. You will see how your works improve once you use an online wedding planner questionnaire template! Form Preview
Wedding Event Plan Questionnaire Form Template | JotForm
  • The Basics

  •  -  - Pick a Date
  • It's a good idea to make sure someone has a cell phone on them on the day of in case any of your vendors or other important parties need to reach you. Who can be reached by phone on the day of?

  • The People

  • The Schedule

  • I would like you to be there to photograph the:

  • If you don't opt to have the photographer there for anything pre-ceremony, please set the arrival time for at least 30 minutes before the ceremony is to begin.

  • The Times

  • The Numbers

  • The Logistics

  • Some brides prefer to do "formals" and or bride and groom photos before the ceremony because it allows more time to really get the images you want.

  • The Guidelines

  • Are there special photography guidelines from the church/wedding venue? For example, many catholic churches do not allow the use of a flash or photos of certain rituals. Your venue may also have guidelines about where a photographer may stand or not stand and if they may move around during the ceremony. This is an extremely important question. PLEASE do not assume the answer to this question. Most couples assume there are no restrictions when there actually are. The best person to ask is the actual person who will be performing your ceremony. It is important to know them ahead of time so we can discuss how they might affect your pictures. If you need to come back and complete this after you know the answer please do so.

  • Reception Meal

  • Did you know it's customary to feed the photographer? Most weddings span mealtimes, and because of this, at some point, your photographer will need to eat. Would you prefer to provide meals for the photographer or would you prefer for them to leave the reception to obtain a meal? (If you have assigned seating, please assign your photographer to a table near the back where they can easily get up and down to continue photography as needed.) With buffet style meals we will generally eat toward the beginning of the line so that we finish around the same time as you do.

  • Final Notes

  • Should be Empty: