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Jotform makes enrollment easy by offering dozens of online enrollment form templates to help you get started. Choose a free enrollment form sample below, and customize it to match your company, hotel, school, or nonprofit's brand in our form builder. An online enrollment form is great if you want to go paperless as well as save time. You can use an enrollment form template to collect first and last names, birthdays, and other personal information.

Patient Information

A patient information form is used by medical practices to collect information from patients.

Patient Discharge Form

A patient discharge form is a form used by medical facilities to communicate vital information of a patient to the next healthcare provider.

Psychology Intake Form

A Psychology Intake Form is used by medical professionals to assess new patients to a mental health clinic. Add your logo and update the background of the form to fit your brand without coding!

Remedial Massage Intake Form

A remedial massage intake form is a form used to register clients for a remedial massage session.

MyPractice Enrollment Form

NZ General Practice Enrollment Form with Information statement

Blank FHO Enrolment Form

For Ontario family physicians enroling patients into their Family Health Organizations.

Medicare Claim Form Template

A Medicare claim form is a document used by healthcare providers to bill the government insurance program Medicare.

Eye Exam Form Template

The Eye Exam Form Template is a document created by doctors and medical professionals to record the results of eye examinations. Easy to use. No coding. No messy papers.

Monkeypox Investigation Form

A Monkeypox Case Investigation Form is a document used by public health officials in the investigation of a monkeypox case.

Student Enrollment Form

Collect new student registrations with Jotform’s free Student Enrollment Form. Securely store responses online. Collect fee payments via 35+ payment gateways.

College Application Form

Start collecting school registrations from new students for your college using this College Application Form. Don't waste time building forms! Simply copy this form to your Jotform account and publish this to your page!

College Enrollment Form

A college enrollment form is a document that students and parents fill out immediately following admission to a college, university, or technical school.

Student Enrollment & Release Form: Littlest Learners

our enrollment form for Sprouts, looks the same for camp and LL just changing of program name, price etc.

Prospect Questionnaire Form

A prospect questionnaire is a form that a business, or an individual, can use to gather information from a prospect, hence the name "prospect questionnaire".

School Admission Form

A school admission form is used by primary and secondary schools to register new students.

Work Study Application Form

A work study application form allows students to apply for a work study program. Easy to customize without coding.

New Student Form

A new student form is used by teachers to help students register for courses and provide information about registration procedures. take the stress out of collecting student information!

Student Enrolment Application Form

A student enrolment application form is used to register students for class or school and takes information about the student, parent, and guardian.

2021 Employee Benefit Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment form

Temporary Employee Payroll Form

A temporary employee payroll form is a document that gathers the information used to pay a temporary employee, such as their tax information and wages. Collect information from new hires in seconds!

Summer Camp Enrollment Form

Accept and organize summer camp with ease using this summer camp enrollment form template. This summer camp enrollment form does not involve any payment and will only ask for information related to the child that is being enrolled and the parent or guardian information for emergency contact details. Get the medical record of the child as your file through this enrollment form for the summer camp template which would also help you address any situations that may arise while in the midst of an activity. Use enrollment forms for summer camp to accept enrollment and require payments to be made through your office.

Family Camp Registration Form

The Camp Registration Form allows gathering personal information, medical history, emergency contact information of the camper and their previous camping activity coming with a text area field for further questions/comments if any.

Preschool Summer Camp Enrollment Form

Simplify the enrollment process of your summer camps by using Preschool Summer Camp Enrollment Form. This form template can be accessed to any device which makes it easier for parents to register their kids.

Winter Camp Enrollment Form

A winter camp enrollment form is used by parents to register their kids for various kinds of winter camps.

Camp Enrollment Application

Enrollment Application

Benefits Open Enrollment Form

Collect benefits enrollment information from employees via secure online forms. Free and easy to customize. Works great on any device. HIPAA compliance option.

2021 Employee Benefit Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment form

Educational Benefit Form

An educational benefit form is a document used by educational institutions to document financial aid provided for their students. No coding is required. Just customize and make this form on your own.