2017 Offer & Contract Form

2017 Offer & Contract Form

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  • 2017 Tournament Offer & Contract Form

  • THIS OFFER is made by the undersigned Tournament Director Organizer (Organizer) to the USTA Southern Section, and upon acceptance shall become a contract binding upon the parties hereto.

    WITNESSETH THAT WHEREAS the USTA Southern Section annually sanctions Southern Championship Tournaments for numerous categories and ages of male and female players; and

    WHEREAS Organizer desires to promote and stage the USTA Southern Section Championship Tournament (Tournament) hereinafter specified.

    NOW, THEREFORE upon acceptance by the USTA Southern Section, the Organizer agrees with the USTA Southern Section as follows:


    1. Sites and Facilities.   Organizer agrees to furnish the site hereinafter named for the Tournament, including the following minimum facilities: (a) sufficient championship tennis courts for Tournament play and for practice use; (b) seating for spectators on the stadium or best court available; (c) appropriate bathroom, shower and locker facilities; (d) a special Tournament Operation Center with sufficient chairs and tables.  Sufficiency shall be determined in the USTA Southern Section’s sole discretion.
    2. Tournament Personnel and Services. Organizer agrees to furnish the following: (a) knowledgeable and competent Tournament Committee, USTA Certified Referee, Deputy Referee for each satellite site, and umpires; (b) full and complete administration for the Tournament ( required to utilize the software program selected by the USTA Southern Section ) including the printing and distribution of entry applications, selection of entries in accordance with USTA and Southern Section Rules and Regulations, and publishing of results daily, with final results published within 24 hours from completion of tournament; (c) appropriate personnel to handle spectators, parking, security, player transportation, registration, concessions, programs, maintenance, and all other duties required to stage a first-class Tournament; (d) Athletic Trainer & First Aid facilities for medical emergencies; (e) refreshments for players; (f) arrangements for discounted or complimentary accommodations and meals for players to the extent reasonably possible; (g) a Public Relations Committee, with a Chairman responsible for planning publicity and promotional activities and coordinating the same with the USTA/Southern Section.
    3. Rules and Regulations. Organizer agrees to abide by the USTA Southern Section Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Orders, Rules, and Regulations.
    4. USTA/Southern Section Identification. Organizer agrees to permit reasonable identification of the USTA Southern Section on the Tournament Site, including, but not limited to, the display of a banner on the stadium court and on the Tournament grounds which upon request by the USTA Southern Section shall be erected by Organizer. All literature, including posters, news releases, and other Tournament advertising shall include the official name of the Tournament. Organizer agrees to make regular mentions on the Tournament public address system that the Tournament is a USTA Southern Championship and is sanctioned by the USTA and USTA Southern Section.
    5. Sponsorship . Please remember that the USTA Southern Section owns all sponsorship rights to your event. The Section Director of Marketing has the discretion to grant the right for tournaments to get sponsors in approved categories but reserves the right to prohibit tournaments from selling sponsorships in categories that are in conflict with the National or Sectional Sponsors. The USTA Southern Section may require some sponsors to be listed as specific event sponsors, and receive event benefits, such as banners or to have material included in the player welcome packet.
    6. Revenue and Expenses. Organizer shall be entitled to all revenue from the Tournament. Organizer assumes all risks and is responsible for all expenses relating to the Conduct of the Tournament. Nothing herein shall constitute the Organizer and the USTA Southern Section as partners or joint ventures.  The television, radio and film rights for all sanctioned Southern Championships are reserved by the USTA/Southern Section but are negotiable.
    7. Balls. The tournament will provide a new can of USTA approved balls for each match, and for matches that extend to three (3) sets, a new can will be provided for the third set.
    8. Awards. The tournament will provide trophies in each age event commensurate with the Championship status of the tournament. USTA Southern Section shall provide awards free of charge for winners in each age division. (not to include Southern Sr. Cup winners).
    9. Tickets. If tickets are sold for the Tournament, Organizer agrees to provide to the USTA Southern Section upon request eight (8) of the best seats for each session of the Tournament.
    10. Indemnification. Organizer agrees that the USTA and USTA Southern Section grants sanctions for a USTA Southern Section Championship Tournament as a service to public tennis and as a benefit to the players and to local communities in which such Tournaments are staged. The USTA Southern Section shall have no responsibility for the actual conduct of the Tournament, and Organizer agrees to indemnify and save the USTA and USTA Southern Section harmless from any and all claims of every kind, nature, and description in any way relating to the conduct of the Tournament, the facilities used by the Tournament or the players, officials (other than USTA Officials) and spectators at the Tournament.
    11. Site Use. If Organizer is not the operator of the site of Organizer's Tournament, then Organizer has attached to this Offer written permission of the operator of the site for the use of the site and the appropriate facilities necessary for the staging of the Tournament.
    12. Any usage of the USTA or USTA Southern logo must be approved in advance.
    13. Insurance . Organizer will obtain appropriate general liability insurance naming the organizer, the tournament, the site (club and stadium), the USTA, the USTA Southern Section, and the sponsor, if any, as named insureds.
    14. Resolution on Discrimination. The sanctioned event shall be conducted and the host facility shall operate without regard to race, gender, or other prohibited basis. Any facility hosting a USTA Southern Section Championship shall be required to adhere to this policy.
    15. Fees. The sanction fee for a USTA Southern Section Championship in which prize money is not offered shall be $100.00 plus a registration fee, which amount is to accompany the sanction application. 

      If prize money is to be offered, the sanction fee will be $100, or 1% of the prize money, whichever is greater, yet not to exceed $2,000.  One-third of such fee, or $100, whichever is greater, must accompany the sanction application with the remainder to be paid within 30 days after the event.

    16. Miscellaneous. Upon acceptance by the USTA Southern Section as evidenced by the signature of an authorized official of the USTA Southern Section, this instrument shall become a contract binding on the parties.  In such event, this instrument contains the entire agreement of the parties and no representations or agreements express or implied, except those contained herein shall be valid or binding on the parties.  Upon acceptance, this Contract shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.  Special provisions of this agreement, if any set forth on Schedule A attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.
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