ABFE Empower Philanthropy! - Call for Session Proposals 2016

ABFE Empower Philanthropy! - Call for Session Proposals 2016

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  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Wednesday, November 25, 2015




    2016 Conference Overview:

    ABFE is at the center of a movement that inspires grantmaking entities, philanthropic individuals and nonprofits in the US to work collectively towards a brighter future for Black communities and the country as a whole.   In 2016, ABFE will commemorate 45 years of advocacy and service for promoting effective and responsive philanthropy in Black communities on April 7 – 9, 2016.  The theme is “Empower Philanthropy! Celebrating 45 Years! 2016 Annual Conference Presented by ABFE: A Philanthropic Partnership for Black Communities."

    As an organization, it is our responsibility to raise awareness that together we can empower philanthropy by shifting from power to action as a unified and strategic force that moves investments to Black communities.  Since ABFE’s founding in 1971, generations of members have served philanthropy by demonstrating a commitment to advocate, coupled with a fighting spirit that raises continued visibility to direct more investments to our community. Because of this, ABFE has become a national institution that reflects and reinforces the spirit central to a movement that improves Black communities.  Thus, the reason for hosting the conference in the great City of Baltimore. 

    Empower Philanthropy 2016 will offer workshops tailored specifically for each of ABFE’s three (3) core membership areas for strategic alignment and application of the best and most promising practices that promotes responsive philanthropy in Black communities, including grantmaking institutions, individual donors and non-profit organizations.  This year’s conference will lift-up mutual alignments and fundamental cross sections of this work by:

    • Spotlighting individuals, programs, policies and practices that create improved outcomes for Black communities;
    • Uplift contemporary, innovative and cutting-edge philanthropic strategies through a racial equity lens;
    • Take a deep dive into the heart of philanthropy, for which systemic change is formed, and explore how leadership, infrastructure, constituency engagement and organizing for Black communities is governed; and
    • Assemble thought leaders, key organizations and coalitions that share strategic investment practices and effective programs for Black communities.

    Connecting people to conditions that matter in Black communities throughout the African diaspora!

    Guidelines for Submission:

    We invite you to submit a proposal for a session presentation to be offered at our 2016 conference.  We encourage innovative and creative presentations that are grounded and aligned with ABFE’s Responsive Philanthropy in Black Communities (RPBC) Framework and defining characteristics.  

    Topic areas could include, but aren't limited to ABFE Black Fact Sheet topics, including:  Education, Criminal Justice, Employment, Workforce Development and Entreprenuership, Health and Wellness, Wealth and Asset Building. 

    Proposals must focus on connecting to one or more of ABFE’s five (5) RPBC framework characteristics that build power and infrastructure in Black communities:

    1. Community Organizing and Constituency Engagement: Philanthropy builds the power of, and invests in, the people who are most impacted by the issue.
    2. Policy Change, System Reform and Program Delivery: Philanthropy focuses on influencing the root causes of disparities to primarily include the federal, state and local policies and program practices and regulations that disproportionately and adversely impact Black communities.
    3. Leadership and Infrastructure in Black Communities: Philanthropy aims to build the leadership capacity of Black communities and strengthen the infrastructure of its core institutions
    4. Research/Data: Philanthropy is built on, and supports activities to compile, data sets disaggregated by race to inform how the Black community fares.
    5. Communications: Philanthropy minimizes the dominance of negative images in Black communities.

    How does it work?

    • Complete the application questionnaire in the link below. Connect your idea to one or more of the five (5) RPBC Framework and defining characteristics – Constituency Engagement; Policy Change, System Reform and Program Delivery; Leadership and Infrastructure in Black Communities; Research/Data; and Communications.
    • There are 10 spaces available for workshop sessions. These 90-minute sessions will provide opportunities for knowledge transfer, skills development and collaborative learning related to empowering the Black community.  We encourage you to be creative, innovative, and interactive with your session idea.
    • Be prepared for us to pair you up with other applicants who may have similar ideas.
    • If your idea is selected:
      • All presenters will be required to participate in at least one 45-minute prep call prior to the conference.
      • Everyone presenting during your session will be required to register as one (1) of the following presenter registration types:
        1. Session-only.  You will have access to your session only (No fee).
        2. Day Pass.  You will have access to all conference programming and activities for the day of your session-only ($250).
        3. Full Conference Access.  You will have access to all conference programming and activities during the entire conference ($400).


    The ABFE Staff will review all workshop proposals. Because we anticipate far more proposals than available workshop sessions, please note that we will need to combine some proposals with others. Not every proposal can be included in the conference agenda. The deadline for submitting proposals is Wednesday, November 25, 2015.

    The ABFE Staff will notify you of the status of your proposal on or before Friday, December 18, 2015.

    Point of Contact:

    For additional information or technical assistance with submitting this form, please contact Special Gathering at abfe@aspecialgathering.com or call (410) 685-7664.

    To Apply:

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