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Human resources forms are documents used by a company's HR department to recruit and manage employees. Nothing removes headache from the HR department quite like online forms. Manage employee information, employment verification, employment satisfaction, cv submissions, job applications, and time-off requests with Jotform human resources online form templates. Get started by choosing a template below to edit for free.

Physician Release To Return To Work Form

Collect physician releases and e-signatures for your HR department with this online Physician Release to Return to Work Form. Free to use, easy to customize.

Return To Work Letter

Use this custom Return to Work Letter Form to instantly generate return to work letters for your employer. Download, print, or share as PDF documents!

Employee Absence Return To Work Form

This form may be used by a physician in case of an employee's absence from work due to a medical reason. It is completed by physicians to decide when an employee can return to work. This form contains the physician's name, his/her signature and employee's information.

Phased Return To Work Form

Help employees on long-term leave readjust to work. Schedule their gradual return with an efficient, professional online form customized for your HR department.

Return To Work Form

A Return to Work Form is used to collect feedback from employees after a period of working from home due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Return To Work Discussion Form

Streamline your HR workflow with a free online Return to Work Discussion Form. Customize the template to match your company. Integrate with CRM systems.

Notice Of Quarantine/Isolation

Form that sends PDF letter of Quarantine or Isolation to those who are positive or been exposed to COVID-19.

Employee Time Off Request

Request time off form.

Site Visit Booking Form

Site visit booking form Covid-19

Work From Home Job Opportunity

This is a job opportunity to earn extra cash with your free time, the work is easy and simple, and can easily earn up to $60 per 2 hours of work by only taking simple online surveys and doing easy tasks. Weekly and monthly payments. Please visit and apply

Screening Checklist For Visitors And Employees

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 with a free Screening Checklist for Visitors and Employees. Ideal for hospitals or other organizations staying open during the crisis.

Coronavirus Case Report Template

People can report suspected cases of COVID-19 in their workplace or community. Easy to customize, integrate, and share online. No coding required.

Employee Accident Report Form

Here is an easy way to document and report work incidents through simply collecting the accident date and time, location, description, witnesses with employee personal and contact details through a single form.

Accident Report Form

An accident report form is a record of an accident or incident, used to provide the details of the accident to insurance companies.

Incident Statement Form

An incident statement form is used to record information about a police report or accident. Whether you work in law enforcement or need to file insurance claims, streamline the process with our free Incident Statement Form!

Damaged Equipment Form

Monitor damage done to company equipment. Receive submissions instantly. Easy to customize and share. Connect to 100+ apps. No coding required.

General Incident Report

A General Incident Report form is a document that records and documents any incident.

Disciplinary Action Form

Report employees who fail to meet company policies or expectations. Free disciplinary action form for HR. Easy to customize. No coding.

Corrective Action Form

Corrective action form is to officially report and initiate a warning and/or punishment for a preventive action that is conducted by an employee and provides employee information and action details.

Employee Accident/Incident Report Form

Form to be completed for any work related incident/accident/near miss that occurs whilst undertaking work related activities

Exit Interview Form

HR departments can use this free Exit Interview Form to conduct exit interviews online. Customize the form and share via email to quickly collect employee feedback.

Exit Interview Questionnaire Form

Customize our free survey for your HR department’s exit interviews. Get feedback from outgoing employees online and learn how to improve your company.

Employee Exit Interview

Gather feedback online from outgoing employees to ensure a smoother resignation transition and improve your company. Easy to customize and embed.

Exit Interview Checklist

Speed up your exit interviews with a free Exit Interview Checklist. Easy to customize and share with employees. Gather feedback to improve your company!

Online Exit Interview Form

Seamlessly gather employee feedback with this free online Exit Interview. Customize the form in seconds and use the results to improve your company.

PB Exit Feedback Form

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help the company determine the reasons for employee turnover. There are three parts to this form, the first - an element evaluation, the second - simple questions, the third - essay questions.

Client Exit Survey Form

MBSATA Client Exit Survey Form

Student Withdrawal Form

A student withdrawal form prepared to gather feedback from parents regarding the reasons behind their decision and on how to improve their systems.

Release Of Information Template

Release of info: Made for an LLC but flexible for. A Nonprofit’s use

PT Cancellation Request Anytime Fitness

Personal training cancellation form

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Get to know your employees with a free online survey. Collect responses from any device. Customize in minutes with no coding. Sync responses to 100+ popular apps.

Employee Motivation Survey

Conduct motivation self-assessments on any device with an online Employee Motivation Survey. Free to customize and share. Analyze results to improve your business.

Remote Work Survey

Analyze your current work from home policy with a free online Remote Work Survey. Ideal for coronavirus-related remote workplaces. Sync responses to 100+ apps.

Self Assessment Survey

Assessing and measuring one's self is beneficial for both the institution and the individual. Use this Self Assessment Survey to collect necessary data that will help both the institution and the individual.

Job Satisfaction Survey

Determine how satisfied your employees are ~ a key factor in employee retention.

Exit Interview Questionnaire Form

Customize our free survey for your HR department’s exit interviews. Get feedback from outgoing employees online and learn how to improve your company.

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey meets your needs! By using this Employee Engagement Survey, you can learn how satisfied your employees are at your company in order to improve your working conditions.

360 Degree Review Form

A 360 degree review form is a professional peer-review survey that allows employees to evaluate the skills and knowledge of a coworker or subordinate.

Self Assessment Tool Form

There are many reasons why someone needs assessment. One is that it can help them make career decisions with a strong awareness of who they are and what they want. This self assessment tool template is designed for that purpose whereby the person involved in a company or organization will be asked to answer a series of questions and provide an information that focuses on their personal characteristics. In this self assessment templates, you can ask the assessment takers to rate their self on things that are also focused on self-decision making and select topics that describe them best. This personal assessment tools are created to help each individual taking the assessment to become a better version of their self, help them grow their skills, abilities, and put values on things around them.

Phased Return To Work Form

Help employees on long-term leave readjust to work. Schedule their gradual return with an efficient, professional online form customized for your HR department.