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Find out what students think of your courses with free Course Evaluation Forms from Jotform. Whether you’re teaching a course in-person or online, you can gather course evaluations from students on any device! Start by choosing a course evaluation form template and customizing it to match your needs with our drag-and-drop builder — then share it with a link or embed it in your website to start gathering responses.

Make changes to our Course Evaluation Forms with no coding required. Add new questions or update existing ones, include your branding or logo, and make other changes in seconds. All responses are stored securely in your Jotform account, ready to be viewed in Jotform Tables, converted into PDF documents with Jotform PDF Editor, or used to generate reports with Jotform Report Builder.

Course Evaluation Form

A suitable Form to learn more about your student's perspective and how they experienced the course through customizable widgets allowing your students to rate and evaluate the course and how it went for the semester as a whole.

Course Evaluation Forms

Sample Course Evaluation Form

Gather student feedback online with this free sample course evaluation. Easy to customize and embed. Integrate with 100+ apps. No coding. Perfect for teachers!

Course Evaluation Forms

Academic Performance Questionnaire

Collect performance reviews from students with a free online Academic Performance Questionnaire. Can be filled out on any device. Easy to customize and share.

Course Evaluation Forms

E Learning Session Feedback Form

Learn how students feel about your online classes with this free feedback form. Easy to customize, integrate, and embed. Perfect for remote teachers!

Feedback Forms

Parent Feedback Form

Now, the feedback of the parents, as well as the students, is important. Collect feedback and improve your organization with the Parent Feedback Form. No code required!

School Evaluation Forms

MultiPage Course Evaluation Form

Fine-tune your subject matter, course materials, and instructing techniques with this comprehensive multipage form.

Course Evaluation Forms

Weekly Class Evaluation Form

A weekly class evaluation form is used to provide teachers with information they can use to improve their teaching styles. This form allows you to customize the questions that you want to ask your class to fill out each week.

School Evaluation Forms

Relax Kids Term Feedback Form

A feedback form that can be used to get testimonial at the end of a block of sessions.

Parent Feedback Forms

Language Course Evaluation Form

This language course evaluation form is intended for schools that requires their students or teachers to undergo a series of evaluation related to the language courses they offer. No coding. Easily customize.

Course Evaluation Forms

Continuing Education Evaluation Form

A continuing education evaluation form is used by administrators of continuing education courses to measure the effectiveness of their educational course. Start receiving feedback with Jotform!

Course Evaluation Forms

Course Completion Form

A course completion form is used to track the progress of students taking courses.

Course Evaluation Forms

Master Program Evaluation Form

Master Program Evaluation Form helps you to improve your master programs that the university provides by collecting feedback from master students. You can use textbox fields to collect their comments and use our Input Table field to get their satisfaction levels about accessing the information, clarity of policies, and considerations regarding overall faculty issues and academic support.

Course Evaluation Forms

Student Course Evaluation Form

A student course evaluation form is used to gauge student opinions about a course or teacher. No coding!

Course Evaluation Forms


CIMA Course Evaluation Form by prasadgayan

Course Evaluation Forms

Substitute Teacher Reporting Form

A substitute teacher reporting form is a document used by school administrators to track information about substitute teachers. Quickly find information about the substitute teacher's notes about both the lesson and the students.

Report Forms

Lesson Observation Form

An inspector lesson observation form is a document used by school inspectors to assess what quality of education and teaching is provided in a school.

Teacher Evaluation Forms