Documents Required for OATS

Documents Required for OATS

Multiple upload format, documents required for administrative review Form Preview
  • In order to complete the Off-site Assessment Tool (OAT), the following documents are required. Here are simple instructions for completing this tool:

    • If you have the specified document requested, mark "yes" and upload it to the corresponding file upload area.
    • If you need more information, or are unsure mark "I don't know."
    • If this question does not apply to your agency mark "N/A."

    To Save your progress on each page click the Next or Back buttons.

    You may exit the browser at any time and return later to continue. Just be sure to click Next or Back in order to save. Refer to your email for the link to continue your work.

    You can skip questions or sections.

    Only click Finish when you have completed the entire JotForm.

    If you have questions at anytime you can email